Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas in Wisconsin

I know it has been a while, but life has been busy and wonderful! The holiday season has been filled with gatherings and parties and the merriment has been overflowing.

Thanksgiving was great, and it was followed by a party the next weekend at Laura's where she asked me to be her Matron of Honor! Wow, how amazing! I can't wait for Wedfest 2010! I am calling myself the Matron, like Patron, of honor! hehe

I have seen my grandpa a few times this fall and winter which has been nice. Prior to this it had been a few years, even though he only lives 45 minutes away. He let Chaz and I borrow his truck to bring furniture back from Milwaukee this Christmas!

Chaz and I spent Christmas with Terri, Laine, and Denis in Wisconsin. Since they are moving to China, we wanted to spend some good quality time with them! We had a blast! Christmas was as normal as possible, even with all the packing going on around us. We had fondue, decorated Christmas cookies and played games.

Saturday we got our u-haul and started loading up the furniture we brought back to the MN. Denis and Terri gave us their coach, queen size bed, and some other decorative items! Our living room had a makeover!!

And we came back to the MN on Sunday. It was hard leaving the Durgins! Both Chaz and I were a bit teary eyed pulling away but it is such an exciting time for Denis and Terri that we can't help but be excited. Plus, we hope to get a visit in!!!

Thursday night will bring on the New year, and Friday we will celebrate Christmas with my family! So much to look forward to! And maybe a surprise for 2010! I will keep you posted!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Today is the first real snow for Minnesota. And by real, I mean blizzard. We have had a few flurries, and in true Minnesota style, we never really know when the snow will hit, but this year it really has held off. So, it is December 8th, and everyone is on high alert.

Me, I am looking forward to a night of hot cocoa, wrapping Christmas gifts, and enjoying the chili I put in the crock pot this morning! Bring on the snow! But keep everyone safe!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving Durgin style!

The New Durgins had a great Thanksgiving! Chaz and I are spending the holidays with his parents since they are moving to Shanghai the first part of January. It is hard being away from my parents but it is also fun traveling for the holidays and partaking in a new set of traditions. So for Thanksgiving, we headed down to good old Milwaukee with a truck as empty as we could get it to bring home some Durgin treasures. Note, we have a large amount of Durgin treasures around our apartment since Chaz moved from a nice big house to our slightly smaller apartment, but this time we are getting some much needed furniture which is a huge blessing.

So we hit the road on Wednesday, dealt with some crazy holiday traffic, and some even crazier weather, but arrived safe and sound somewhere around midnight. Shortly after we hit the sack and slept in till 11 am! It was a great start to our holiday break!

We had a lazy morning on Thanksgiving Day but soon everyone was up and all the girls helped put together a great holiday meal, lead by master chef Terri! It was delicious! We followed it up with a family game night and a few adult beverages. It was such a nice, relaxing day.

Then on Friday Terri, Laine, and I headed out around 8 am to get in on some holiday deals. We found some great presents and made it home in enough time to enjoy some afternoon turkey left overs. Then we all got dolled up and went to see Rent! Amazing! There were two original cast members so that made it even better. And of course the night on the town that followed was the cherry on top! I may have stumbled home that night!

Saturday was pretty similar. We got up, ate, and then headed out for some fresh air and a game of disc golf! Then back to the mall for more shopping! Pretty common the weekend after Thanksgiving! We finished the night with supper at a Korean Barbeque place. It was my first time eating Korean barbeque and I actually liked a good portion of it. I could have done without the crispy pieces of seaweed however! Chaz at them right up though! No kisses for him! We all went home smelling pretty funky!

Sunday we got up, had a wonderful skillet breakfast made by Terri and proceeded to find treasures around the townhouse to take home with us. We got a beautiful patio set, a cute ceramic elephant (love that guy!), some planters, pillows, and other nic nacs. Over Christmas we will be bringing home a bed and a couch! Woot woot!
It was a great first Thanksgiving for us! We enjoyed spending it together and spending it with family! We are Thankful for everyone and especially thankful we got to spend Thanksgiving with Chaz’s parents before they head over the big pond!

A Little Holiday Help!

So it is the holiday season and a while back I talked about the lack of exercise I have been doing since the wedding. I would also like to admit that I have not been eating super awesome either. I will blame that on Halloween candy! But since it is the holiday season, I figured it would be nice to eat a little healthier during the week and exercise so I can enjoy the holiday treats. I once read in a self magazine that you should not diet during the months of November and December. It can cause a person to feel very blue to not partake in the holiday cheer. Since I do not remember the last diet I was on, I figured why start now. I just generally like to eat better and up my exercise routine to improve my overall self, including my mind. These cold, dark months can take a toll but with the right motivation, they seem less dreary.

There are a few tips I like to use when embarking on a weight loss adventure and I figured I could share a few!

•The first is water intake. The past year I have lost about 20 pounds and I think that is for sure due to the “water culture” at Target (take your moment to laugh and then come back when you can be serious!). We have these giant, gas station size plastic mugs that everyone carries around and we fill them with water. People take water breaks here to go down to the big water and ice machines in the cafĂ©! It is crazy, but you drink a lot! I do a mug every hour or two and I feel pretty refreshed at work! For sure well hydrated!

•Second is to eat breakfast! Since I took up eating breakfast, I have felt a lot better and it really does curb your appetite. Sometimes I eat cereal but I have this fun trick for taking breakfast to work. I do one of two things the night before. I cut up an apple, sprinkle with lemon juice and grab some peanut butter, or, and this is my favorite, I fill a little plastic container with yogurt the night before. I add frozen fruit (my favorite being raspberries!). At Target you can get this big bag of fruit for $7! Lasts a long time! I stick it in my lunch bag and when I get to work the next morning, the raspberries are thawed and I am eating a delicious, healthy yogurt parfait for breakfast! So good!

•I am also a big ice cream fan. I like to have a bowl almost every night after supper. When I was in high school I use to eat fat free ice cream and it really did not do the trick. Plus, I have learned from my research that fat, in moderation, is actually better for you then these fat free foods. So I have started eating light ice cream and there are two brands that really make some great light ice cream. Edy’s double churned ice cream and Breyers. And if you live by a super target, they have a generic of the Edy’s double churned. A great way to have the ice cream, and the flavor, but not sacrifice all your hard work in the gym.

That’s about it for my tricks and tips. I don’t have many but I wanted to share the ones I do have because I have found them to be very helpful!
Cheers to the holiday season!

Monday, November 16, 2009

My best friend's getting married!


I love the fall. This year, fall was pretty much nonexistent, however, I have made it what I can. I am drinking apple cider, enjoying the colors of brown, orange, and green, colors that otherwise are not very appealing to me. I have also been spending as much time outside. Whatever I can outside of work. And I am getting excited for Christmas, so I guess I can't complain when the snow begins to fall. I have realized though, that as I get older, I do not enjoy the evenings getting dark so quickly. I wake up and it is dark, I am inside all day at work, and when I step out the doors to leave for the day, it is dark once again. When I was young, I never really noticed it. In fact, I think I actually liked it. Not anymore however! Maybe some fake baking will help! I would hate to have to resort to food!

This past weekend I went to Madison with Alyssa to visit Amy who is out there in graduate school. It was a blast. It was a dreary weekend but we enjoyed some great restaurants, spent a night on the town, and I experienced the best nap ever! thanks for letting me use your bed Amy! Just the break i think both Alyssa and I needed! We treated it as a vacation! And next week, Chaz and I will head back that direction to go spend Thanksgiving with the Durgins. Not before we get to experience a little turkey pre-gaming with the Bonnell's! Next week will include a lot of turkey! Mmmmm....more naps in my future?!?!

This week is busy but soon it will be the true beginning of the holiday season! Work will keep me busy, and tomorrow I am heading out with Laura to look at a Wedding reception site, and before we know it, the next weekend will be here! Bring on the turkey!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh mother of all cheesecakes. First…right now, I hate money. Money and I have a crazy relationship. Sometimes there is love, sometimes there is hate, and sometimes there is just your ordinary, I know you are there for me when I need you. Right now, I hate it. Come Friday’s pay day, I will probably love it again, but I make no promises. Especially since a lot of people will be sharing in my joy of Friday’s pay, ie. credit card companies, medical billing companies, oh, and the people who have loaned me money. Needless to say, I will be stretching the dollar yet again next week! Good thing I am not all consumed by money or this would situation could be a real drag.

Fu, Chaz’s parents’ dog, has decided he would like to move to Shanghai and he has convinced his owners to take him. That’s right folks, the Durgin’s are off to China again! What a great adventure. Chaz and I will be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with them in the chance it is a while before we can spend a holiday with them. They will be making the trip over the pond on January 5th! Wish them luck!

I am going to embark on purchasing a new car…at least a car that is new to me! My truck is requiring mucho maintenance and I do not want to be putting all this money into a truck that will not be useful for long. I would like a sedan, or a small SUV. Here’s the catch though. Since this will be my first car purchase, I have no freaking idea how to go about it! Insert….YOU! I will take any and all advice you can give me! That’s right…YOU! Leave a comment, send me an e-mail. Know a good dealership, let me know! I can take all the help I can right now!

Other then that, it is work and school here in the “New Durgin” household! That and continued unpacking! We are getting there! I promise. And I will update with photos soon. We are for sure taking our time though. Like I said, Thanksgiving is the goal! If I can get it done by then, I will be happy. Just so I can decorate for Christmas! Yeah!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Almost there...

On Saturday we move....

Two words...




Oh my word! Can't wait till it is over!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Place!

As of October 31st, the Durgin's will be residing in a new apartment! Thank you dear Lord! It is clean, big, and bright!

We have two bedrooms. A small kitchen but it has been updated! So many closets we may not fill them all (that's a lie). We are so excited.

Before heading to the laundromat tonight, we stopped by the new place to sign our lease. The super nice, young, clean, friendly care taker had a cat so I was sold. Chaz listened to the logistics of the lease; I played with the overly large fury beast at my feat. The caretaker said, "He loves being held too." While be my guest Mr. cat. I grabbed that little bugger and hugged the meow mix out of him! May need to consider a cat to take up residency in our second bedroom.

Then, with the high of just signing the lease on a great place, we headed off to do our laundry and eat some bomb pizza- shout out to the Leaning Tower of Pizza. Definitely have had the realization cross my mind multiply times since getting married that I need to get me butt back to the gym. I took a break after the wedding but no more excuses. Oh man! Just feeling sluggish and bulky and that is no fun.

So, here's to a new apartment, and a new love for the gym? May have to work on the later of the two!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time well spent

Tonight we went to the Wild Game! We arrived a little over 45 minutes late cause Chaz had class, but we found cheap parking, no lines at the vendors, and we missed the usually boring first period!

We enjoyed hot dogs, and beer, and fries, and cheese bread, and pop, and brats, and...needless to say, we need to get on a post wedding diet!

And after three periods of hockey and one overtime, a shoot out ensued and BAM! The Wild win! Something very uncommon recently!

It was a great night as a married couple! In fact, our first Wild game as a married couple.

So, any Wild players, if you are reading this, the Durgin's are a good luck charm and we gladly will except club seating!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life over the past two weeks!

So we are married!


It has been a blast!

I asked Chaz one of the first nights, "Do you feel different?"

He said, "Yes, do you?"

"Hell Yeah!"

It really does feel different.

He is now my husband!


So much fun though! We have waited for this!

And now that we are back from our amazing honeymoon in Kauai, life is back to normal.

We got a new apartment and move in in less then two weeks! We are so excited. The place we have right now is runned down and add the fact that our old neighbors both mysteriously died at the same time, it was a quick decision.

And now, two bedrooms! So come and visit once we have set up shop!

I will post soon about the honeymoon and update with pictures. For now though, I best get back to my homework! Oh school!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life is crazy...crazy fun!

Hello Hello Hello!

10 days to go! In less then 2 hours, it will be 9 days!

I can't even believe it!

Seven and a half years and we are finally here! The moment we have waited for. In 9 days I will marry my best friend! And I can't wait!

Maybe once we are married I will have more time to update, but for now, it's all about the wedding!

Woot woot!

Monday, August 24, 2009

We are getting married in 33 days! Yeah!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


This Wednesday will mark one month before we get married. Here is what is going to take place this week and I can only imagine that the four weeks following will be the same.

Monday: Shopping with mom
Tuesday: Meeting with venue
Wednesday: Cake with dad/help Chaz find gifts
Thursday: Alterations and flower reading
Friday: Maybe a break?
Saturday: Shower

What a crazy busy time. What will I do with myself once this wedding is over? I have no clue...maybe actually focus on my homework instead of just punching it out. Maybe finishing a novel and not taking 6 months to read 100 pages. Maybe updating my blog on a regular basis. For now though, those things can wait. I don't wish this wonderful busy time away. I am lovin every minute of this once in a life time journey! Woot woot!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A new month...reflection on the last!

Well jeepers, it has been a crazy month! And with it's end brings us all the more closer to our wedding day! And even though we are quit immersed in wedding planning, we have had time to enjoy a few activities on the side.
One of our favorite things to do is make dinner and eat at the coffee table. We have done this many time now, and this July was no different. We even made sure to cool off from the summer heat with a chilled bottle of wine! Tons of fun!

I even had a weekend of free time to head up to Moorhead! Tonya celebrated a birthday at the end of the month but I headed up early to share some special time with her. We watched movies, tooled around town, ate some Mexican food, and had a night on the town. It was a great, relaxing weekend. Here's a few pictures we took while playing games in the couples garden!! lol!

What a freakin crazy pair. You never know what they are going to do next!

And a little pre-trip picture. I got home before the trip and Chaz had chilled the vodka I was to take up! What a sweetheart. I was for sure it wouldn't stay cold but sure enough, when I got up there, it was!
And since moving to Mpls., we have been able to share some great experiences. This is a picture of our picnic in the back of his car. We took our clothes to the laundromat, walked across the street to order a pizza while they were washing, and ate in the back of the truck with the hatch up while it rained. We had such a good time. It has become our laundry night ritual as often as we can.

Chaz even treats for dessert!

At the end of July, Chaz and I were lucky enough to go up north with my best friend since 7th grade Laura and her lover Dave. We went to her step dad's cabin past Spooner Wisconsin. We enjoyed a little drinking, and little grilling, a little rope swinging, and some good conversation. Laura and I even wore some sweet shirts. She had bought hers the weekend before and I just had to follow in the trend!

This is a picture from the main living area. Laura's step dad built the place with his own hands over ten years. Such a beautiful place!

Here's a picture of the guys enjoying a little polish golf in the front yard.

And even though this pic is from August, I thought I would include it. Chaz and I headed across the street from our apartment to take in some National Night Out activities and they were giving out free cotton candy! I felt like a little kid again! so nice living in the busy city where there is always something going on!

And we have had a few months now to get our apartment all put together and we both feel really comfortable. This little place sure has grown on us, and even though we are looking to upgrade, we really are enjoying living here. Sure there isn't much space, and the hallways smell, but our apartment has become very cozy. A great place to come home to!

We even have some of Grandma Lainey's old kitchen stuff to make it a bit more homey! Chaz loves these retro containers!

So that was last month! Stay tune for what happens this month...I am sure it will be full of wedding adventures!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Time flys...

I know it has been a while. I guess work really has kept me busy. That and school and wedding planning. All are going very well I may say. And I will update with pictures of the last month later this weekend---ah, the weekend!

I did want to pop on to make a quick note. I have learned in my short life that you have to have cofidence. You have to stand your ground and be true to yourself. And sometimes people make promises, or suggest ideas that seem too big, but honestly, you can't get caught up in those. That is when you lose yourself. People are great, and it is so wonderful to have trust, but make sure to always be true to yourself and be thankful for what you have without wishing for too much! One of life's many lessons!

Thank you Lord for my many wonderful blessings!

Loads of love!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Need your help if you can!

Here is a letter from my best friends sister. She battled cancer a few years back and now she is making a difference in the lives of others battling cancer.

If you can help her at all, it would be fantastic! It's for a great cause!

Hello everyone,

I know I have probably already bothered you about the Relay this year, but I am once again captain of a team in the Long Prairie Relay for Life and would like to personally urge you to consider donating to a great cause! My team consists of approximately 10 people, as well as multiple others who will be walking all night with us for fun. We are counting down the days to the relay... less than 20... and are putting in our last efforts for receiving donations for the American Cancer Society. Any contributions make a difference! Thank you so much!

Our team website is: http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR/RelayForLife/RFLFY09MW?team_id=498381&pg=team&fr_id=16032 Checks are also completely acceptable and I can then decorate a Luminary for the person of your choice. Checks should be made payable to the American Cancer Society. Also, make sure you are sure to include a note about what you would like written on your luminary. You can send them to me at:
28415 State Hwy. 27
Long Prairie, MN 56347

Thanks again,Littia Swift
The American Cancer Society:
Source: main.acsevents.org

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello Monday!

Before I get into the wonderfulness that was this weekend, I would like to write about something that has been on my mind lately. And today is a perfect day to reflect on these feelings, since I am feeling especially nostalgic. So as I sit with a cup of coffee and Dlo's banana bread, I feel inclined to tell you all a story.

I grew up with a wonderful lady in my life, my great grandma. Many people found inspiration in her, not because she was always sweet and kind, but rather because she spoke her mind, no matter if it was positive or negative. And I didn't know her super well, because I was so young, but she made an impact on my life, especially as I got older.

G.G. Olga was a great women, and she passed away five years ago. And for many wonderful reasons, she is still very present in our lives. When something weird happens, or we see purple, or we hear trains, we always say it is great grandma. She is inspiring us, even though she is gone.

Now I know the above sounds very normal, and I am sure many people have family or friends that have affected them in a similar matter. But what I can't figure out is why I still smell her, often multiply times a month. I smell her perfume, her cooking, her house. Even today it smelt like her in the bathroom, and I can't even begin to explain that. I have no clue what is happening, but I can be anywhere and all of a sudden, sniff sniff, there she is.

But now, to my weekend!

Chaz and I decided very last minute to go to Wisconsin and visit his parents. What a great idea!

We got in Thursday night since I had Friday off. Chaz and I enjoyed a nice leisure drive and arrived in Milwaukee around 10:45pm. We talked and played catch up, and than it was off to bed.

The next morning we woke up after sleeping in and headed out to play disc golf. Both Denis and Terri play often so it is fun to go out with them and see how good they are! And of course, I won as usual! Just kidding. I have had the least amount of exposure to the game so my goal is usually to just keep up with them!

We than had some seafood for lunch, and drove around town looking at everyone getting ready for the fireworks that night. Milwaukee puts on a great firework show and everyone spends the day parked out on lawns, waiting for the event to happen! What a cool site. And they were amazing. I think they lasted around an hour. Than it was back to the house and after a light snack of cheese, crackers, and cake, it was off to bed to prepare for the next adventurous day!

Saturday started out great with a tasty breakfast of banana bread and fruit. Good fuel for our impending Segway tour. We all got dressed quickly after breakfast and headed out to the shore to embark on our Segway tour. What a great adventure. We did a tour of the shore line and it was simply amazing. those machines are a blast. And Chaz, Denis, and Terri even took in a little Segway barrel racing. It was a great time.

We followed the tour up with a bar-b-que and than off to Summer Fest. There was tons of food, vendors, and of course music. That evening we say Huey Lewis and the News! At first, I couldn't but a name to the music but as soon as he started singing, I knew the songs right away. I was an 80's baby with young parents so I was exposed to a lot of this music. It will be fun in the future to say that I saw him in person.

And than Sunday, back home, and early to bed made for an easy Monday! However, if Target had wanted to give me today off too, I wouldn't have fought it!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coming Up...

So, the days keep ticking by. And seriously, they seem to be flying by even quicker now. Now that we are less than three months till the big day, time certainly isn't slowing down! But we are so blessed to have awesome family and friends for support, that we haven't had too much stress to deal with.

My mom and I have budgeted and planned. This last weekend we started printing invites. My mom is so wise on computers! She rocks!

My dad and I have picked over the guest list and now we will venture into picking out music. He has strong opinions on what constitutes as good music so of course we let him grace us with his knowledge. What a guy!

The future in-laws have been amazing too! What great people! Terri is planning the coolest groom's dinner ever. Seriously, it will be a blast.

And of course there's the number one guy in my life! Chaz has been so supportive and of course he has shared his grand opinions! Sometimes, he shares them even when they are not necessarily wanted! He truly is amazing.

And my close girlfriends and sister have been great at giving advice. I know I will for sure have a cool wedding, since I have all these trendy ladies to help me out! And my bro Mikey is there to bring in comedic relief when things do get stressful!

And my grandmas have been great. I have one who e-mails me websites all the time, and the other who helped me pick out my dress! It is great to have them both in my life!

These are just a few from the large support network we have. I am so thankful for everyone who is helping during this big time in our lives!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Now that I have a job...

I haven't had time to write, but I am enjoying being employed again! I feel so lucky and blessed to have a job, and let me tell you, after being laid off, you certainly gain a new perspective.

So here's some life updates (bullet form!):
  • 4.0 for first grad class (teacher must be off her rocker. She must of forgot about those posts I forgot to do)
  • Wedding Ceremony is almost planned!
  • Wedding party gifts are in! Love playing with that stuff!
  • My dress is in so I will get to put in on with in the next week!
  • Chaz will be starting school on Monday for Graphic Design!
  • We have taken our first dance class! Super fun!
  • Terri came out for a visit and to plan some groom dinner details!
  • Father's day was a blast. A super day for a super dad!
  • Enjoying the Minnesota weather!

So it has been busy but a lot of fun. We are loving living in the city, and I am so happy to be so close to work. My commute is like 3 minutes. Crazy. Down from 60 minutes when I lived at home!

Next on the agenda: Doing wedding invites! We'll have to do some time management to get this all completed!

I will update again very soon!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First week back to work!

So this week I have started working full-time again. What a crazy experience. My routine completely flipped. Instead of staying up late and sleeping in, I am staying up late and getting up early. Not a good combination. So tonight, my body said, "Enough!" I went into my room at 5:45p.m. to get my work out clothes on and BOOM, out! My bed just looked too awesome. I didn't wake up until 8:30p.m. And it wasn't one of those sleeps where you wake up regretting it. I was completely OK with letting my body rest. Moral of the story, Listen to your body! Sleep good tonight!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to Target

This has just been a crazy experience.

First, laid off.

Than, asked back.

I started, in a new department, new floor, new people.

I can't wait for the routine to kick.

It was for sure great seeing old people.

But now I have to get used to the new.

I am so thankful to have a job, and at a great place.

Like I said, it has been crazy, but a good experience.

Hopefully one that will last.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Tribute to the D-Lo

So there are two incredibly funny stories that involve this wonderful lady that must be told.
The first one came about when Kristie and I were talking with grandma. Some how we got on the subject of New Year's 2000, the millennium. We started to recollect where we were and what we were doing. Kristie was asleep, I sat on my parents bed and watched the ball drop with my family, but D-Lo had quit a different experience. She was in bed, much like Kristie, but when midnight struck, her Bose turned on and started playing the Hallelujah chorus. She was freaked right out and thought the world was coming to an end. To this day, she has no clue why her radio came on. She thought maybe someone programed it to, but boy did it scare that little lady. We really shouldn't leave her alone on New Year's anymore!
The next story happened just last week. Grandma had a headache so I left the house so she could take a nap. I forgot my food there though so I headed back an hour later. Grandma was sound asleep on the couch when I walked in. She abruptly woke up and yelled, "Did Hooch throw up?" And than she was back to sleep without waiting for a response. I shrugged this off and continued to the kitchen and there on the floor was a big pile of throw up. I screamed after just about stepping into and woke her up with a, "Yes he did and he's eating it." All she said before passing back out was, "Good, than I don't have to clean it up." Gross G-ma! I have no idea how she figured out in her sleep that he was throwing up but oh my, what a crazy lady!

Monday, June 1, 2009

New Job...Kinda!

So today I got the official offer from Target! They want me back. Along with others from my training class. Maybe 15 of us will go back from my class. And maybe more from the lay off as a whole. I believe in January Target laid off around 500 employees. Give or take a few. But now, it seems some of us are getting the chance to go back. And I couldn't be more excited! I will start June 15th and from what I have been told, it will be an hour of paper work and than right up to my team! I will let you all know what team I am on once I hear! I couldn't be happier or feel more blessed! Everything is going great right now!

P.S. A big Thanks to all my friends and family for all their support! Big key in my success!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Crazy week in pictures!

Girl wants to jump on dad!

I bought some cherries! Look at my bling!

Girl decides to take the leap!

I fill my fridge with bad choice!

Girl finds success to be rewarding!

I play with my food!

Duke finds a nest of baby birds under our deck!

Mom sets up a scrapbook table in our living room!

I join Duke for a look at the birds!

He is so impressed!


I help dad fix a toliet!

Chaz and I set our coffee table like it was our dining room table!

Woot Woot!

I interrupt this blog to inform you all...I think I am going back to work!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a crazy week!

For all who where worried, no Tonya did not see her card online before receiving it. She called me today to thank me for the card and I had to tell her it has been posted online for about a week now! What a loyal reader, eh? lol! Tonya doesn't have a very good Internet to so I will forgive her.

It sure has been a busy week though. Monday Chaz came home and what a good treat! I missed him so much and not being able to talk to him for like five days was simply crazy! Especially since we have talked almost everyday since we started dating. It was so weird. But he is back now and we are acting like little teenagers. Tonya would say, "Ew, I just threw up in mouth a little!"

And as far as wedding details, this has been the week. I don't think I have ever been on the phone or computer with my mom so much! But we got tons figured out! We have made a budget, picked out amazing decoration ideas, and we have confirmed a ceremony site! And as I write, the back of my car is full of bridesmaid dresses that have already come in! And all are ordered so we are almost ready to go!

On Tuesday Chaz and I even went to pick out the tuxes and what colors everyone will be wearing. Of course they don't have to order theirs till closer to the date but it was fun to go and get that taken care of! And the colors should look great!

It really is all coming together!

I also had an interview last Friday that was so positive and amazing! I made it in to the top 4 out of 600 applicants! Even if I don't get it (knock on wood I do!), I feel super honored to have made it that far on the companies list! And they were so awesome and great! It really would be a fantastic company with good morals to work for.

Also on my list of news, Kory comes home tomorrow from Norway. She has been gone for almost a month! We will all enjoy having her back but I bet she will miss the heck out of it! Everybody pray for a safe trip for her!

I think that is about all! Boy, what a post full!

Have a safe Thursday! I am off to Bar Bingo with my BFF from 7th grade!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Take time this weekend to remember and say thanks! Thank you to the past, the present, and the future. You are appreciated!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Summer is here! It is so fricken hot in the MN, I believe an egg on the pavement would cook in under 10 minutes! 96 degrees, 91 degrees. Crazy for May. Last night my dad said that we haven't seen a 96 degree day since July 2007. Insane. But, I really enjoy it! Of course I hope this doesn't mean this summer will be super hot compared to others, I just am enjoying the warmth after a cold winter. And what a better way to ring in summer than with a nice cold beer!

Now to understand this last statement, you need to understand me. A. I don't drink that often (even though it has been increasing) and B. I for sure don't drink beer. But after three nasty episodes within the last 9 months involving me and hard liquor, I am resigned to find a beer I like. Not because I think drinking is cool, or that I need to drink. I just like to enjoy a drink occasionally when I am out. I don't think that is a crime. And for real, beer is way cheaper at the bar and my budget has also been asking me to find something cheaper to drink.

So, tonight my mom wanted a nice wine for dinner. I volunteered to run out and get something for her. While I was at the liquor store, I remembered seeing an ad for a Michelob beer that had fruit flavors. I decided to look and although I would have preferred a nice berry or something along those lines, I was resigned to pick between lime or a Tuscan orange and grapefruit. Tuscany it was! And when I got home to try this new beer find, I was pleasantly surprised. It was super tasty, and had a great after taste. I think I may have found a beer I can drink. SO so long nasty hang overs and large bar tabs. There's a new girl in town. A beer only girl! That or my usual sprite (looks like a mixed drink! meaning nobody pressures you to drink!)

And now that I have sufficiently talked about alcohol, lets move to another subject! Like I said earlier in this blog, I am becoming a fan of scrap booking. So far, I have made a scrapbook of the cruise Chaz and I went on with his family. I have also made some cards, gift boxes, and thought of some things I could make for the wedding! My favorite so far has been this card I made for my friend Tonya. I haven't sent it yet, so she may see it first here, but I had to share it.
Super cute! Just like her. And while visiting Archiver's, they have a die-cut machine where you can make a boat load of different cut outs. Some of the cut-outs are designed to make little boxes and bags and here's one that I made while paying around. Again, cute and pretty fun. If I had the time, I would cut out all the little boxes for my wedding and use this idea as a favor. However, that would be just a bit too much work! lol. But it has been fun learning all these creative little activities.

And I have found a small window of time to start reading a book. Actually, it was sitting at my parents house and I picked it up and couldn't put it down. Seriously, everyone should read this story. It is about a family from Warroad, MN who lost their 19 year-old daughter and sister in a tragic rollerblading accident. We knew the family. In fact, the father was a Pastor who has played a role in my grandma and great grandma's lives. And maybe I feel a little closer to the story due to the fact that I visited my grandma the day after the accident happened and saw the town mourning the loss of a young life. Either way, the story is gripping and has so much meaning. They have a strong faith and it is truly an inspirational story about how they stayed centered on God and how he was with them continually through out their journey. The book is titled Kiss Goodbye and it was written by Deb Watson, the mother of the girl who was killed.
It is one of those books you just can't put down. Of course, I need to take breaks and read happy stuff, or what a happy TV show. It really does get into your head. But what a story of strength and perseverance. So if you are interested, I know you can buy this book on Amazon.com and the author's website. Check it out!
Right now I am out at my parents house in Buffalo. The love of my life is on a trip to the Boundary Waters and I wasn't in the mood to stay at the apartment alone, so I came out here. I miss him tons and can't wait till he gets back but he is so excited to be getting out into nature and enjoying some free time, I can't help but be excited right with him. It has been a while since he has been out camping and it is such a true passion of his. So I am taking this time to do some wedding planning and get some homework done! Oh, and I have a job interview on Friday that I am looking so forward to! So cross your fingers and pray for me!

Monday, May 18, 2009