Friday, January 28, 2011

hyped up...

A simple coffee treat…

When at the coffee shop, ask to get steamed milk in your coffee…cheaper than a latte but you get the same effect. Add some splenda, honey, and cinnamon…nummy, healthy, antioxidant enriched drink!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

being cool...

I find that donating money to different organizations and charities makes me feel good and fulfilled. Sometimes I give my charitable donations to the church, but more often I like to pick a charity I feel is doing good work, driving change, and then I send a little money there way. Even if I am low on funds myself, my spirits are always lifted. Even if the donation is a simple $5.

Obviously I have stated before that I love reading Matt Logelin’s blog. He lost his wife the day after his child was born and has since started a foundation to help widows and their families. I love donating to the Liz Logelin Foundation as Matt and his team of peeps are always updating people on where the money is going. That and he is a native Minnesotan! And he does not use the money for himself. He has been blessed and felt compelled to pay it forward with the donations he was receiving. Check him out at

I also get pleasure from donating to mother nature. There are some great organizations in place to ensure that we don’t deplete all our natural resources and that ensure my children may have a chance at canoeing the Boundary Waters.

And you do not have to give money in order to do good! No sir! There are plenty of options where you can volunteer your time or services. Reading at a local school is one of my personal favorites. it is fun to get out, work with kids, and additionally, read some fun books! If you are a knitter, many Michael’s stores collect knitted squares that they use to make quilts for those who need them. Local churches are also a great place to go to donate fabrics or knitted squares. If you are in a cold weather climate, make some scarves and drop them off at your local close drive. In fact, clean out your closet and bring clothes you don’t wear too! Bring your old books to a local school’s library or City Library. The options really are endless!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

FoOd FoR tHoUgHt...

So my bum toe has halted my working out. But I am still eating well, and tracking my points, but I do not expect Sunday to post good numbers. But I know I will not blow it, and that is what really matter.

I am proud of what I have learned from this diet. I look back at my old eating habits and just know I was off my rocker. Even then I thought I ate decent, and generally, I will give myself credit for the fact that I ate semi-decent food, but I ate way too much and was starting to let fried foods and thick hearty dishes creep into my diet more and more frequently. Whereas I never even really liked French fries in the past, I was certainly indulging in them on Thursdays at Bingo. And I was eating Culvers and Dairy Queen and even McDonalds was becoming an ok food in my book. I repeat, there is nothing good about McDonald’s except their Diet Coke, ice cream, and maybe the occasional hamburger or small fries. Everything else, write it off as non-existent. It is just crap food.

Now now, put your torches down. I am not a food hater, in fact I am a major food lover, I have just learned that when I want to splurge and use my points, I am going to pick something REAL, nummy, and decadent, and really enjoy it. And on top of that, I have treats every day. Light ice cream, Weight Watchers Mini Candy bars, a whole host of nummy foods. I just know that personally, I am making wiser decisions about what I put in my body. And I feel way better splurging on All-Natural Honey Bunny Grahams, and Edy’s Double Churned cappuccino ice cream with a drizzle of light chocolate sauce, then I ever would downing a Big Mac, or double cheeseburger, or even a brownie sundae.

So with that, I will leave those interested with some yummy little food tips!

· Tacos are a great meal! Hard shells are 3 pts for 2. Add tomatoes and lettuce for 0pts. Taco seasoned hamburger for 3-5 pts. ¼ cup light Mexican Shredded cheese for 2 pts. 1 tablespoon light sour cream for 1 point. Fat Free Refried beans, 2 pts for ½ cup (I found a non-Fat Free that was still only two points!). Old El Paso Ready Spanish Rice (90 seconds in microwave) 2.5 pts for half a cup. A total of 15.5 points for this decedent meal! I actually leave out the beans for a 13.5 pt meal.
· Weight Watchers sells nummy mini candy bars which are 2 pts each! Chocolate Pretzel Blast is awesome!
· Edy’s Light Double Churned Cappuccino ice cream 3pts. 2 tablespoons Light Hershey’s Chocolate sauce. NUMMY!
· Baked Doritos are a great snack! 3 pts for 15 chips
· Salsa is generally 0 pts. Put on top eggs, baked tortilla chips, even meat!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You can call me obsessed with the Kardashians...

Last night with my bum foot, I was able to catch up on some tv that I have missed over the past week. I was most pumped about the season premiere of Kim and Kourntey take New York! I am obsessed with everything Kardashian. I love watching their shows and seeing all their drama unfold. They never cease to entertain me, and on top of that, they actually have a pretty strong family unit and bond…very interesting to watch.

Any hoo, my BFF Laura and I were e-mailing today about how much we love the Kardashians…here is what ensued.

Laura: I love teen mom!! yay!! biggest loser too! yay! Kadara Kardashian??

Adara: I love Kadara! You are so Klaura!

Laura: lol just call me Kaura.. like Kora.. Kaura Kardashian Kruschke.... my son will be Mason Dash Kruschke.. my dog will be Lamar O-dog. yayyy!

Adara: I will keep Kadara (spoken with a middle eastern accent, preferably Persian…pronounced Kah-duh-ruh). I can’t even compete with all your K’s so my name will have to be Kadara Durgin Kardashian Jenner!

You can call my husband Chaz Fosdick Disick, my son will be named Brody Jenner Kardashian, and my American hairless terrier will be named Kris Jennie-O Turkey Balls! I will have a show called Kadara Kardashian: The long lost sister who has now inherited the Kardashian Family Trust!

Yep, pretty much, we rock!

P.S. If you do not watch the Kardashians or have never even heard of them, then this is all lost on you, and for that, I apologize!

P.P.S. If you do not watch the Kardashian’s, you should start. Sunday night on E! Just do it!

Monday, January 24, 2011

whining leads to reflection...

I am whining because I had to get my in grown toenail out is still numb, but I am just waiting for the moment those wonderful meds taper off...actually, I am making sure I am ready to stop dead in my tracks when it happens and just pass out while it heals! But while I whine and complain and walk around in a surgical boot tomorrow at work, I will reflect on happier times and not focus on the bitch that will become my foot for the next few days!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

grab bag...

this post will be a theme. nothing specific to talk about. just a random smattering of information.

My first random point focuses on the brand new running shoes I got on Saturday! I have heard so many wonderful things about the Nike Free Runs that I had to try a pair on for myself! I searched far, wide, AND high for a place that had my size (11.5). Alas, I found the Albertville Outlet Mall which just received a shipment of the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Nike Free Runs. I was looking more for a pink or a teal, but whatever. It is the amazingness of the shoe I need to focus on. So, we get in the car and head to the northwestern tundra that is Albertville. I arrive at Nike and slip on the foot glove that is the Nike Free Run and POOF! I don't give a shit if these are grey and fluorescent yellow! they are amazing and they are mine! So I got them! At a discounted retail only an Outlet Mall can provide, and I came right home and took them to the gym! SIMPLY WONDERFUL! I am kind of obsessed with them! And they came at the perfect time! Why you may ask? Well, let's dig into random point number 2!

Tomorrow I am getting my other ingrown toenail out. Last spring I had the one on my left foot, and it has changed my left foot's life. And after a recent flair up of my right foot, I decided I am done putting up with this painful sore that plague's my big toes! So tomorrow, I am getting my right foot ingrown toenail out.

Call me stupid for doing this in the middle of winter! Call me fricken insane if you must! But I have my motives! I am running that 5k on March 12th and I don't want an ingrown toenail to stand in my way! Therefore, I have decided to get it done, and additionally, get it done with enough time to heal and allow me to train for the 5k. Of course, this ties into point one as I have been running my ass off to prepare for a week or so with no running! So now, I am up to 1.5 miles of wonderful running! It is finally getting easy and I can just hop on the treadmill and punch out a mile with little or not thought!

My third random point is that I am down 11.5 pounds on the WW program! I am not looking to score big losses, but it is so exciting to just continue with a steady weight loss. I may gain one week, stay the same or lose, but the point is that I am on a plan that is teaching me portion control and what is healthy to eat and I like that!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am in training! Training for what you might ask? Training for a healthy lifestyle!

Just kidding! Such a corny line, eh? But so true when you look at it! But I am actually training for a 5k! On my birthday, I am rounding up my friends and family who want to participate! Then maybe some drinks and bar bingo to round out the celebration!

It is fun to be working towards a goal. I do that at work, and I do that at school, and I do that with life, but this is something fun and I am excited to do it for myself! It is something new and exciting to look forward to!

Monday, January 17, 2011

flyin' by...

We are in the depths of January. I have started class, Chaz has started class. Between eating, working, sleeping, working out, doing homework, the days just fly by. Pretty soon it will be spring then summer, and before we know it, Christmas will once again be upon us. As I have gotten older, the days have moved quicker. As a child, days took months and months took years, and a year seemed like an eternity. And now, the beginning of each month arrives, and I say, as any grown person does, “Wow, where did last month go?” or “Did we even experience summer? Where did it go?” But right now, I find myself super excited every time I see winter items on sale, or when it is 5:15pm and there is still a glimmer of light outside. I am not wishing this winter away, as no time should be wished away, and if I wish one season away, they will all continue to fly by. I just may not be enjoying winter as much as I would enjoy the sun and fresh smells of spring.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I love cinnamon! I am actually quite obsessed with it. I have always liked cinnamon, and cinnamon flavored things. Life cereal, graham crackers, cinnamon Dulce lattes! And in the past few weeks, I have been kicking the cinnamon up! Cinnamon on my oatmeal, in my coffee, sprinkled on my ice cream. The stuff is so yummy, AND, it is good for you too!

Wikipedia points out that cinnamon is a great antioxidant. In fact, wiki states that one teaspoon of cinnamon has the equivalent amount of antioxidants as one glass of pomegranate juice and a 1/2 cup of blueberries. CRAZY!

So with that, I give you the link to one bomb cinnamon muffin recipe!


Friday, January 14, 2011

why I love him...

He loves rocks and collecting them from where ever he travels.
He likes hanging items off centered to add some artistic flare.
He holds on to things from when he was younger.

He creates a place he can make his own.
He has yet to unpack all his Christmas gifts from two years ago.

He organizes the cats toys so she always has a nice selection right in front of her.

He starts little projects that make me laugh!

He folds his laundry in a very organized, precise way.

He holds our cat like she is a big Buddha!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

ray of sunshine...

Today was just one of those days. One of those days where I come home and wash away the grim of the day. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and dwelled on the stale air that I was breathing in all day at work. I just felt run down, beaten, tired. I sure hate that feeling. But then I walked upstairs, was greeted by my friend Alyssa, and D. Lo making some dinner. And after good food and conversation, my evening is looking up. It really is the little things that matter.

Monday, January 10, 2011

for us...

At the end of this month, Chaz and I made a move for us. We decided to move in with my grandma. Yes, to help her out, but additionally, and more importantly for our future, to help us out. With Chaz in school, we have spent the last two years living a life filled with fun and spending, but also a life that has been a bit tight money wise. And I am sure we will always be tight on money, who isn't? but we have taken the matter into our own hands and made a smart move financially.

And now what comes out of this move other then security for both us and D.Lo? We can really focus on school, both of us. I am working on my Masters and Chaz is working on his degree in Graphic Design. And since we have the time, and we have moved in with my grandma, he can now stay in school an extra semester to get an additional certificate. Don't ask me to explain all this'll have to ask him to clarify what everything is "officially" called! Whatever it is called, we both feel great right now. Very refreshed, very new, and clear headed, at least for now! And I can focus on my classes too as this shit is getting really hard! Wish us luck!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

WW unraveled...

I am not an expert on Weight Watchers, in fact, sometimes I feel completely lost. I am, however, loving the new WW program and maybe my love of this new "eating adventure" will rub off on you. So after hearing from some of my readers that they would like some more tips, how could I refuse! Of course this blog will not be a food blog, it is my lifestyle blog, so I will not always talk about food but occasionally I will include my tips for success!

So first, here is my history.

I have done weight watchers in the past. As a sophomore in high school I lost 30-40 pounds and as a freshman in college I lost 20-30. I never went to meetings, just used books and tracking sheets I got from my mom. My first year of work I signed up for a program at work but was laid off and therefore got a refund. While I gave up in the past, I always had in the back of my mind what foods were good and what foods were bad and never really took up eating candy bars and doughnuts, but I lost complete and utter understanding of portion size. I was eating backed chips, but certainly not stopping after 10 chips! Alas, I am back at step one, only this time, I do have some history to help me out!

I started this new program the day after Christmas. The first week I lost 7 pounds, however when I started, that really wonderful monthly gift us ladies get was stopping by for a visit. This second week, I lost a more "normal" 2 pounds. That brings my current total to 9 pounds! Wow, that looks great on paper!

And now for why I am so fricken in love with this new WW plan.

First, with the old plan, an apple was 1-2 points, and a bowl of cereal was 2-3, so usually, to have something more tasty, we would chose the cereal. Now with the new WW plan, we get more points, but cereal has gone up to 3-4 points. HOWEVER, all fruits and vegetables are 0 points so you can make an awesome decision and grab a zero point food now! And I like to think of the fact that I am giving my body something natural and easy to digest! How could that not be better for weight loss! I would suggest however, even though fruit is 0 points, that you don't go crazy and eat 20 apples and bananas along with your allotted amount of points....i don't see that being too beneficial!

Where 0 point fruits and veggies come in handy:
  • Stopping at a gas station on a trip, grab an apple
  • At the airport, find some bananas or veggies
  • At a picnic, load that plate with veggies...with all the points you are saving, indulge in some dip!
  • Buffet? Find those veggies!

But I know that this is not the most fun food...I promise I will get into some of that below!

Second, has so many recipes and foods! You can find a recipe for almost any food you like. Since being on my "food adventure", I have had stroganoff, meatloaf, cookies, and other nummy treats! There really are a lot of resources you just have to take the time to play around! Additionally, you can edit recipes, so if you would never add ricotta cheese to your recipe, you can omit it!

And now for some tips:

~light vanilla ice cream (my fave is Edy's double churn) is 3 points...many flavors are! (coffee is also a fave!). So here is what I would do with this nummy treat!

  1. 1/2 cup light vanilla ice cream with diet root beer makes one heck of a root beer float
  2. 1/2 cup light ice cream for 3 points, 1 tbsp. light peanut butter for 2 points, and one banana for 0 points! A five point filling treat
  3. 1/2 cup light ice cream and your favorite fruit! Strawberries are great! You can even mash them to make a sauce!
  4. 1/2 cup light ice cream for 3 points, one mini brownie for 2 points, wonderful 5 point dessert

~Pillsbury mini Brownies are 4 points for 2...these brownies are very good and they come with their own portion control pan in the box!

~light string cheese is 1 point. Reduced fat cheddar or Colby cheese is 1 point.

~Sara Lee delightful bread is 2 points for 2 slices! They also have hot dog and hamburger buns!

~Sugar free jello is 0 points and most sugar free puddings are 2 (the Boston cream pie pudding is nummy!)

~Multi grain Cheerios, Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Corn Flakes are all 3 points for 1 cup!

~Carrots with light ranch (light ranch is 2 points for 2 table spoons)

~WW soup was a big staple with the old diet and that remains the same with this diet so if you have a good WW soup recipe you used to make, keep making it!

~Annie's organic honey bunnies is three points for 30

~I love 94% healthy popcorn and air popped popcorn...I have a Nordic Ware Bowl with lid that actually makes popcorn in the microwave with no can find at a local Target or online!

~To make your popcorn a treat, add flavored powder in the popcorn aisle including butter, white cheddar and nacho Cheddar for 0 points.

~1/2 Cup mashed potatoes is 3 points

Side note: I am not a fan of fat free anything so I generally will not include that in my blog. My body needs that natural fat and I do better ensuring I lose weight when I include this fat. Everyone has a different experience however and of course, fat free anything is less points!

Friday, January 7, 2011


I used to be shy, I used to be a people pleaser.

Within the past two years, and probably towards the end of college, I have learned to stand up for myself. When someone says something mean, I don't just sit there and take it. When someone hurts my feelings, I let them know. When someone is being rude, I prefer to not be around them. I know that I hurt others but I try to be open, I try to communicate, and I try and ask for forgiveness. Additionally, I rarely go into a situation MEANING to hurt someone.

If this is not the way I should be going through life, I hope God points me in the right direction.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

dog days of winter...

Uh, I hate being sick. I always get that cabin fever feeling where all I want is to be out and about in the real world feeling perky and happy.

So Monday, I slept till 2 pm, got up, had D. lo make me oatmeal, ate that and some toast, and sat on the couch. And then when my head got heavy and started throbbing, I would try laying down but then my back hurt. So then I went downstairs, tried to lay down, watch tv, but force myself to not sleep as I wanted to be able to sleep at night. When evening arrived, I went upstairs, made some cereal and toast for dinner, went downstairs and texted my husband to grab me a fruit smoothie at McDonald’s…at last, something to look forward to! And when he arrived around 7pm, I realized I was way more excited to see him, to see another human being, then the smoothie he brought me. As soon as he got home, I perked up and felt instantly better, even though my head was throbbing and I had little to no energy. I followed him around like a sick puppy, only I was a sick girl. So needless to say, no matter how annoying men can be, they are actually pretty great!

Outside of how great my husband is, I decided I needed some fresh air at like 9:30 and asked if he wanted to go out for a bit. The Target near us is open till 11pm and that sounded like just the adventure I needed! As soon as we walked in, Chaz remarked that the bright lights no doubt should add some vitamin D to my system! Oh I am almost positive they do!

So we walked around Target, picked up random crap we probably did not need and could not afford, but had a boat load of fun doing so. Then we headed to Wendy’s as the boy was having some late night hunger. I of course had no issues with that as I could go for another liquid supper, this time in the form of a frosty…(mind you, 1 small frosty is 9 POINTS! Jeepers! And one small McDonalds smoothie is like 8!). Anyways, late night supper’s downed, we headed across the street to put gas in the car. Gas in, and oh, look, the car won’t start. No shit! This is where I am almost positive God knew I needed some additional fresh air, and since I did not know how to "pop the clutch", I assured my worried husband that I was fully capable of pushing the car so he could "pop the clutch". Running start and !BOOM! no popped clutch. But now we are back in the Wendy's parking lot so after like 15 minutes of trying to stop cars filled with individuals who also had some late night hunger, we finally caught the attention of the people in the drive through window. Then ensued loud yelling across the parking lot.

"You need what?"

"Jumper cables!"

Then of course, as God wanted, 15 late night snackers decided to come through the drive through. 10 minutes later said individual popped their head out of the drive through window.

"Ok, so you need what?"

"Someone with jumper cables and a car?"

"Oh, let me see if anyone has any."

"Oh great! Glad it took that long to figure that out."

Alas, said individual arrives, with drive through headphones still on, to help Chaz jump our car! Thank yous exchanged, we finished up our adventure and I headed right to bed as soon as we entered the door. I think next time I will think twice about what I wish for! Nah, it was just too good of an experience!

Monday, January 3, 2011

before and after!

Hallway Before

Hallway after (still in need of wall hangings)

Bedroom before

Bedroom...still a work in progress but getting there!

Bathroom before

Bathroom after

Living room before

Living room almost done!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

bullet points...

I am the biggest fan of lists. In high school and college I created lists daily; during class, during work, and sometimes right before bed. As I have gotten older, the number of lists I create has decreased. I have a list I keep at work (generally) and sometimes I keep one at home. I like writing things done so that I can remember them, reflect on them, and be reminded of them. With the amount of things I forget, I could probably benefit from a few more lists but for now I will just leave you with my:

Ringing in 2011 (List)!
  1. Continue on my "adventure"
  2. Run a 5k
  3. go to church more often
  4. carry a purse that weighs at least half of what I am carrying right now
  5. Travel to see family
  6. Travel to see the world
  7. Figure out my student loans
  8. pick up after myself
  9. make time for myself
  10. continue doing well in school
  11. eat more green beans
  12. eat more chocolate
  13. pack less bags when I travel
  14. plan out my clothes the night before
  15. only press the snooze once, not 10 times
  16. learn new recipes
  17. play cards with my grandma
  18. go for walks with my husband (we used to do this often)
  19. read more books
  20. take a dance class
  21. go "out" dancing more
  22. buy more shoes
  23. decorate for every holiday
  24. be outside more
  25. love up on my cute husband!

Happy 2011! Here is to a wonderful and bright new year!