Sunday, December 27, 2015

Charleston LeeLynn is 10 months old!

Another month, and I can honestly say, this one snuck up on me.  How is it that I already have a 10 month old.  One year seems to be looming very close by-crazy!

As the duck sadly sprung a leak, we switched over to laundry basket baths-not my favorite as the edges feel a bit sharp but we'll figure it out.

The hat Grandma Terri made when you were first born is just now fitting-right in time for cold weather.

 We found a pair of Jordan's on a local garage sale Facebook page and knew you just had to have!
 Auntie Kory gave you a play mat and you love it-you are definitely loving being more active.

You started drinking out of soppy cups and really enjoy being in control-yet you prefer to not hold your own bottle;)
We had your crib in our room downstairs for a while but we have since moved you upstairs where you continue to sleep well.  We are still staying with Grandma and Grandpa Bonnell so it is a bit crowded but they gladly opened up a room for Bug to have her own. 
 You still love your car-I think you like the independence.
 Morning coffee with dad.
 You're first Thanksgiving was a hit!

And you love play time with Grandpa Bonnell and Jack.
 A Christmas photo shoot with Grandma Bonnell.

 Christmas with the Bonnell's.

 A personalized book from Auntie Kory was so special.

 You had your first earache, and I coped with a margarita.  But all in all, you handled it like a champ!
 Outings with dad.
A quick trip to Reno to help Laine drive the camper to Salt Lake City to meet up with Grandma Terri.  Grandma and Grandpa Durgin have made a big move to Ohio.

 And you got to spend time with the Great Grandparents during that quick trip.

 Then back to Salt Lake where you enjoyed the finer things in life.
 And tried out a new bath tub configuration-a storage bin!
 And before we knew it, another month had passed.

Thank you for making life so bright Bug.  While we navigate this crazy thing called life, you continue to provide peace and comfort, and you are the reason we strive to succeed and make this life a lovely one for you.  You now, are the reason for our existence, and we love our new roles in life!