Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Summer is here! It is so fricken hot in the MN, I believe an egg on the pavement would cook in under 10 minutes! 96 degrees, 91 degrees. Crazy for May. Last night my dad said that we haven't seen a 96 degree day since July 2007. Insane. But, I really enjoy it! Of course I hope this doesn't mean this summer will be super hot compared to others, I just am enjoying the warmth after a cold winter. And what a better way to ring in summer than with a nice cold beer!

Now to understand this last statement, you need to understand me. A. I don't drink that often (even though it has been increasing) and B. I for sure don't drink beer. But after three nasty episodes within the last 9 months involving me and hard liquor, I am resigned to find a beer I like. Not because I think drinking is cool, or that I need to drink. I just like to enjoy a drink occasionally when I am out. I don't think that is a crime. And for real, beer is way cheaper at the bar and my budget has also been asking me to find something cheaper to drink.

So, tonight my mom wanted a nice wine for dinner. I volunteered to run out and get something for her. While I was at the liquor store, I remembered seeing an ad for a Michelob beer that had fruit flavors. I decided to look and although I would have preferred a nice berry or something along those lines, I was resigned to pick between lime or a Tuscan orange and grapefruit. Tuscany it was! And when I got home to try this new beer find, I was pleasantly surprised. It was super tasty, and had a great after taste. I think I may have found a beer I can drink. SO so long nasty hang overs and large bar tabs. There's a new girl in town. A beer only girl! That or my usual sprite (looks like a mixed drink! meaning nobody pressures you to drink!)

And now that I have sufficiently talked about alcohol, lets move to another subject! Like I said earlier in this blog, I am becoming a fan of scrap booking. So far, I have made a scrapbook of the cruise Chaz and I went on with his family. I have also made some cards, gift boxes, and thought of some things I could make for the wedding! My favorite so far has been this card I made for my friend Tonya. I haven't sent it yet, so she may see it first here, but I had to share it.
Super cute! Just like her. And while visiting Archiver's, they have a die-cut machine where you can make a boat load of different cut outs. Some of the cut-outs are designed to make little boxes and bags and here's one that I made while paying around. Again, cute and pretty fun. If I had the time, I would cut out all the little boxes for my wedding and use this idea as a favor. However, that would be just a bit too much work! lol. But it has been fun learning all these creative little activities.

And I have found a small window of time to start reading a book. Actually, it was sitting at my parents house and I picked it up and couldn't put it down. Seriously, everyone should read this story. It is about a family from Warroad, MN who lost their 19 year-old daughter and sister in a tragic rollerblading accident. We knew the family. In fact, the father was a Pastor who has played a role in my grandma and great grandma's lives. And maybe I feel a little closer to the story due to the fact that I visited my grandma the day after the accident happened and saw the town mourning the loss of a young life. Either way, the story is gripping and has so much meaning. They have a strong faith and it is truly an inspirational story about how they stayed centered on God and how he was with them continually through out their journey. The book is titled Kiss Goodbye and it was written by Deb Watson, the mother of the girl who was killed.
It is one of those books you just can't put down. Of course, I need to take breaks and read happy stuff, or what a happy TV show. It really does get into your head. But what a story of strength and perseverance. So if you are interested, I know you can buy this book on and the author's website. Check it out!
Right now I am out at my parents house in Buffalo. The love of my life is on a trip to the Boundary Waters and I wasn't in the mood to stay at the apartment alone, so I came out here. I miss him tons and can't wait till he gets back but he is so excited to be getting out into nature and enjoying some free time, I can't help but be excited right with him. It has been a while since he has been out camping and it is such a true passion of his. So I am taking this time to do some wedding planning and get some homework done! Oh, and I have a job interview on Friday that I am looking so forward to! So cross your fingers and pray for me!

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The Wards said...

Ooh, Adara...since I'm not a beer drinker either, I just may have to try your new beer! Looks kinda good!