Friday, July 31, 2009

Time flys...

I know it has been a while. I guess work really has kept me busy. That and school and wedding planning. All are going very well I may say. And I will update with pictures of the last month later this weekend---ah, the weekend!

I did want to pop on to make a quick note. I have learned in my short life that you have to have cofidence. You have to stand your ground and be true to yourself. And sometimes people make promises, or suggest ideas that seem too big, but honestly, you can't get caught up in those. That is when you lose yourself. People are great, and it is so wonderful to have trust, but make sure to always be true to yourself and be thankful for what you have without wishing for too much! One of life's many lessons!

Thank you Lord for my many wonderful blessings!

Loads of love!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Need your help if you can!

Here is a letter from my best friends sister. She battled cancer a few years back and now she is making a difference in the lives of others battling cancer.

If you can help her at all, it would be fantastic! It's for a great cause!

Hello everyone,

I know I have probably already bothered you about the Relay this year, but I am once again captain of a team in the Long Prairie Relay for Life and would like to personally urge you to consider donating to a great cause! My team consists of approximately 10 people, as well as multiple others who will be walking all night with us for fun. We are counting down the days to the relay... less than 20... and are putting in our last efforts for receiving donations for the American Cancer Society. Any contributions make a difference! Thank you so much!

Our team website is: Checks are also completely acceptable and I can then decorate a Luminary for the person of your choice. Checks should be made payable to the American Cancer Society. Also, make sure you are sure to include a note about what you would like written on your luminary. You can send them to me at:
28415 State Hwy. 27
Long Prairie, MN 56347

Thanks again,Littia Swift
The American Cancer Society:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello Monday!

Before I get into the wonderfulness that was this weekend, I would like to write about something that has been on my mind lately. And today is a perfect day to reflect on these feelings, since I am feeling especially nostalgic. So as I sit with a cup of coffee and Dlo's banana bread, I feel inclined to tell you all a story.

I grew up with a wonderful lady in my life, my great grandma. Many people found inspiration in her, not because she was always sweet and kind, but rather because she spoke her mind, no matter if it was positive or negative. And I didn't know her super well, because I was so young, but she made an impact on my life, especially as I got older.

G.G. Olga was a great women, and she passed away five years ago. And for many wonderful reasons, she is still very present in our lives. When something weird happens, or we see purple, or we hear trains, we always say it is great grandma. She is inspiring us, even though she is gone.

Now I know the above sounds very normal, and I am sure many people have family or friends that have affected them in a similar matter. But what I can't figure out is why I still smell her, often multiply times a month. I smell her perfume, her cooking, her house. Even today it smelt like her in the bathroom, and I can't even begin to explain that. I have no clue what is happening, but I can be anywhere and all of a sudden, sniff sniff, there she is.

But now, to my weekend!

Chaz and I decided very last minute to go to Wisconsin and visit his parents. What a great idea!

We got in Thursday night since I had Friday off. Chaz and I enjoyed a nice leisure drive and arrived in Milwaukee around 10:45pm. We talked and played catch up, and than it was off to bed.

The next morning we woke up after sleeping in and headed out to play disc golf. Both Denis and Terri play often so it is fun to go out with them and see how good they are! And of course, I won as usual! Just kidding. I have had the least amount of exposure to the game so my goal is usually to just keep up with them!

We than had some seafood for lunch, and drove around town looking at everyone getting ready for the fireworks that night. Milwaukee puts on a great firework show and everyone spends the day parked out on lawns, waiting for the event to happen! What a cool site. And they were amazing. I think they lasted around an hour. Than it was back to the house and after a light snack of cheese, crackers, and cake, it was off to bed to prepare for the next adventurous day!

Saturday started out great with a tasty breakfast of banana bread and fruit. Good fuel for our impending Segway tour. We all got dressed quickly after breakfast and headed out to the shore to embark on our Segway tour. What a great adventure. We did a tour of the shore line and it was simply amazing. those machines are a blast. And Chaz, Denis, and Terri even took in a little Segway barrel racing. It was a great time.

We followed the tour up with a bar-b-que and than off to Summer Fest. There was tons of food, vendors, and of course music. That evening we say Huey Lewis and the News! At first, I couldn't but a name to the music but as soon as he started singing, I knew the songs right away. I was an 80's baby with young parents so I was exposed to a lot of this music. It will be fun in the future to say that I saw him in person.

And than Sunday, back home, and early to bed made for an easy Monday! However, if Target had wanted to give me today off too, I wouldn't have fought it!