Saturday, July 31, 2010

July in pictures!

July was a crazy busy time! Faithy kitty girl spent a lot of time enjoying the apartment by herself...but don't worry. Chaz left the air on for her!

We visited Laura's step dad's cabin for the fourth. It was a weekend full of swimming, tubing, eating, rope swinging, and enjoying some fireworks.

The following Wednesday we were off to Ohio for Chaz's family reunion. We took off Wednesday night and drove through the night to get to Athens, Ohio after 15 hours in the car. Chaz's parents were already there so we spent some time with them before heading to the reunion Friday where we met up with the rest of the family!

Saturday was the reunion in a park! It was a nice relaxing time!

Sunday before heading up to Milwaukee, we celebrated Denis' 50th birthday and Grandpa Lane's 75th birthday! Chaz is 25 so they created quite a tradition there!
Taking a break from traveling, we spent Wednesday night with Emma who had just arrived for her sister's wedding from Africa. She was only home for a few weeks so we made sure to take some roomie time to catch up and talk! It was so great!
Then it was back on the road again. Chaz, his parents, sister, and I headed to Reno Thursday morning where we spent time with his grandparents before heading to CA Friday morning.

Along the way we stopped at a few great wineries! It was fun to take a break on the road and enjoy some beautiful scenery...and what is better then enjoying some wine before hitting the road again!

We arrived in the Redwoods where we camped for the weekend. Chaz's mom got us tickets to Reggae on the River for Denis' birthday so that filled out Saturday!

The atmosphere was so relaxing and the music was great. We just sat in lawn chairs enjoying the people watching and the great music!

On the way home we decided to take a detour and head to the Ocean. It never fails to amaze me how beautiful the ocean is. We spent some time soaking our feet in the icy cold water and Laine and I decided to take the plunge and go up to our stomachs in the water. With waves, I would say we pretty much went in the whole way!
Then it was back home where we were finally able to fall in to a routine again! We loved traveling but it is so nice after so much traveling to get home and just relax!

Last weekend I celebrated LeeAnn's birthday with her! We spent the weekend relaxing, walking Lake Calhoun, and partying it up at Gustav's in NE Mpls. What a beautiful birthday girl!
With Laura's shower and bachelorette parties coming up, I also had to get the invitations made. I decided to take basic cards and add individual flare to each one. In the end, I was pretty proud of them!
This past Thursday we said farewell to Emma for what will seem like no time at all. She has already put in 21 months in Africa without being home and after this short stint home, she only has till December left in Africa. And then she will be home! Many of us are so excited to have her back in the states but I know it will be hard for her to leave Africa as she has such a passion and desire to be there!

So tomorrow is August, which is completely crazy! I can not believe how fast this summer has been flying by! I am excited for the fall though and the upcoming months have so many great activities in them, including my best friend Laura's wedding and showers! I can not wait!
So here is to a great month! Happy Birthday Dad, Tonya, LeeAnn, Ryan, Michael, Denis, Lane, and happy Anniversary Denis and Terri! Tomorrow is Laine and Fu's birthday and Tuesday is my mom's! Such a busy time for birthday's also!