Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a crazy week!

For all who where worried, no Tonya did not see her card online before receiving it. She called me today to thank me for the card and I had to tell her it has been posted online for about a week now! What a loyal reader, eh? lol! Tonya doesn't have a very good Internet to so I will forgive her.

It sure has been a busy week though. Monday Chaz came home and what a good treat! I missed him so much and not being able to talk to him for like five days was simply crazy! Especially since we have talked almost everyday since we started dating. It was so weird. But he is back now and we are acting like little teenagers. Tonya would say, "Ew, I just threw up in mouth a little!"

And as far as wedding details, this has been the week. I don't think I have ever been on the phone or computer with my mom so much! But we got tons figured out! We have made a budget, picked out amazing decoration ideas, and we have confirmed a ceremony site! And as I write, the back of my car is full of bridesmaid dresses that have already come in! And all are ordered so we are almost ready to go!

On Tuesday Chaz and I even went to pick out the tuxes and what colors everyone will be wearing. Of course they don't have to order theirs till closer to the date but it was fun to go and get that taken care of! And the colors should look great!

It really is all coming together!

I also had an interview last Friday that was so positive and amazing! I made it in to the top 4 out of 600 applicants! Even if I don't get it (knock on wood I do!), I feel super honored to have made it that far on the companies list! And they were so awesome and great! It really would be a fantastic company with good morals to work for.

Also on my list of news, Kory comes home tomorrow from Norway. She has been gone for almost a month! We will all enjoy having her back but I bet she will miss the heck out of it! Everybody pray for a safe trip for her!

I think that is about all! Boy, what a post full!

Have a safe Thursday! I am off to Bar Bingo with my BFF from 7th grade!

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