Monday, November 16, 2009

My best friend's getting married!


I love the fall. This year, fall was pretty much nonexistent, however, I have made it what I can. I am drinking apple cider, enjoying the colors of brown, orange, and green, colors that otherwise are not very appealing to me. I have also been spending as much time outside. Whatever I can outside of work. And I am getting excited for Christmas, so I guess I can't complain when the snow begins to fall. I have realized though, that as I get older, I do not enjoy the evenings getting dark so quickly. I wake up and it is dark, I am inside all day at work, and when I step out the doors to leave for the day, it is dark once again. When I was young, I never really noticed it. In fact, I think I actually liked it. Not anymore however! Maybe some fake baking will help! I would hate to have to resort to food!

This past weekend I went to Madison with Alyssa to visit Amy who is out there in graduate school. It was a blast. It was a dreary weekend but we enjoyed some great restaurants, spent a night on the town, and I experienced the best nap ever! thanks for letting me use your bed Amy! Just the break i think both Alyssa and I needed! We treated it as a vacation! And next week, Chaz and I will head back that direction to go spend Thanksgiving with the Durgins. Not before we get to experience a little turkey pre-gaming with the Bonnell's! Next week will include a lot of turkey! Mmmmm....more naps in my future?!?!

This week is busy but soon it will be the true beginning of the holiday season! Work will keep me busy, and tomorrow I am heading out with Laura to look at a Wedding reception site, and before we know it, the next weekend will be here! Bring on the turkey!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh mother of all cheesecakes. First…right now, I hate money. Money and I have a crazy relationship. Sometimes there is love, sometimes there is hate, and sometimes there is just your ordinary, I know you are there for me when I need you. Right now, I hate it. Come Friday’s pay day, I will probably love it again, but I make no promises. Especially since a lot of people will be sharing in my joy of Friday’s pay, ie. credit card companies, medical billing companies, oh, and the people who have loaned me money. Needless to say, I will be stretching the dollar yet again next week! Good thing I am not all consumed by money or this would situation could be a real drag.

Fu, Chaz’s parents’ dog, has decided he would like to move to Shanghai and he has convinced his owners to take him. That’s right folks, the Durgin’s are off to China again! What a great adventure. Chaz and I will be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with them in the chance it is a while before we can spend a holiday with them. They will be making the trip over the pond on January 5th! Wish them luck!

I am going to embark on purchasing a new car…at least a car that is new to me! My truck is requiring mucho maintenance and I do not want to be putting all this money into a truck that will not be useful for long. I would like a sedan, or a small SUV. Here’s the catch though. Since this will be my first car purchase, I have no freaking idea how to go about it! Insert….YOU! I will take any and all advice you can give me! That’s right…YOU! Leave a comment, send me an e-mail. Know a good dealership, let me know! I can take all the help I can right now!

Other then that, it is work and school here in the “New Durgin” household! That and continued unpacking! We are getting there! I promise. And I will update with photos soon. We are for sure taking our time though. Like I said, Thanksgiving is the goal! If I can get it done by then, I will be happy. Just so I can decorate for Christmas! Yeah!