Thursday, March 25, 2010

Life, and then an update!

Today I woke up feeling not good at all. I have no clue what plagued me but my stomach felt gross. Like the stomach flu, but no release. I stayed home from work and slept till noon, then it was one of those days where I was up for a bit but then had to lay back down. Pretty much, it was me and the couch all day. I kind of felt like a baby, or a cat. Just closing my eyes every free chance. I am feeling better tonight but I am sure I will pass out soon. Hopefully tomorrow I wake up fresh and ready to go.

Last night I had a fun night with Laura (no warning of possibly ending up sick the next morning?!?!) We walked the lake and then went for supper at Eli's. Eli's is this cute little restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. Very relaxing and eclectic. I love it so much I had been there the night before with Chaz! Obviously a bit obsessed!

I am looking forward to a weekend of relaxing, working out, and spending some time with Chaz. I have nothing planned, which is not common, so I am going to just enjoy the weekend. The weather in Minnesota has been beautiful so hopefully that will continue through the weekend.

And an update on our weight loss goals:

The weight loss train is 100% in motion. At a total level, to date, Laura has lost 11 pounds, Tonya has lost 7.5 in two weeks, and I am down 8 pounds. We all feel great, and proud of ourselves and one another. So far, it is going great! Any tips on how to keep the motivation going? We would love to hear them!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I feel lucky!

The three of us, on this journey to a healthy lifestyle, have all taken some different paths these past two weeks. While we all fought initially with getting on the band wagon, especially with me throwing my birthday weekend into the mix, we all seem to be in a “ready, set, go” mind frame.

Tonya made the biggest leap officially joining WW. Since she does not live around us, she wanted an additional way to motivate and find support. Her first week she was down a pound but is nervous for this Wednesday's weigh in since she ventured home and enjoyed some good cooking! She has no regrets however, which is key, cause she enjoyed it and probably won't be home again for a while! What better reason!

Laura has not given the gym much face time but she has been embarking on something us Minnesotans crave, an outdoor walk with our men! Woot woot! Here is her take on this new journey we are embarking on:

“Spring weather certainly helps the motivation juices flow. It's been so wonderful being outside. Dave (the fiancĂ© soon to be husband man-AD) started his new job today as a utility locator and we're looking forward to being able to take walks together when he gets home and we can talk about our days while doing something active together. I have not been to the gym in about 2 weeks because the weather has been so nice, but this week I need to put the extra effort in and get in some gym workouts. I really do sweat a lot more and work harder in the gym. I will also get to see the number on the scale for the first time in 2 weeks. I doubt it has moved so that should give me a little extra punch of motivation for the week. Let's do it!”

Laura is currently up .8 pounds from her lowest in January so even though she took a bit of a break, she is still on her way to a great loss! I believe all together that is ten pounds for her but I will need to double check!

So with Laura heading to the gym to punch out some good lbs, I will not be stepping on the scale until the later part of this week. Last week was crazy with homework and Mr. Man Chaz being gone and I pretty much fell off all together. I was eating bad and I found zero time to get to the gym. I regained some composure this weekend and watched what I ate, but tonight, I am headed to the gym to beat myself into submission (metaphorically).

I think we all have felt success at one point or another these past few weeks. Now I think it is key to remember how good that feels and let that be our guide to continuing successfully. We are lucky to have one another for support, and we can even increase that a bit. I have learned that texts, e-mails, phone calls, and face to face chats are all helpful and really do motivate a person! So here we are, on our "weigh"! I will update with pounds lost, gained, or maintained later this week!

Loves to all!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wedding...yep, still talking about it...

So my wedding day was perfect, as I am sure most brides feel about their day. Of course my bra was over stuffed, and the church was hot so my bangs curled, and we forgot to have someone tape the first dance. However, the few little mishaps that did take place seem so little compared to the day as a whole.

Today, as I was dealing with a "lack of coffee" headache, and feeling a bit run down, I thought back to how perfect my day was and how it seemed nothing could happen to change that feeling. I don't know if my body went into auto pilot and nothing would get me down or if my body was just in top notch form that day. There was no "lack of coffee" headache, although I am not sure if I even had my usual amount. I wasn't hungry, or tired. I had no headache or body ache. There was no stomachs ache, and hardly any facial blemishes! And, the whole night, not one pee break! That's right. Made a pit stop at 4pm, right before the wedding and had no urge to go until the night was over and I was getting ready for bed. How does that happen? How does everything fall into place?

When I was younger, maybe high school, early college age, I always worried about what aliment might plague me on my wedding day. I always seemed to get sick at the most opportune times, or have a stomach ache from getting nervous. I was sure that I would be dealing with one of these issues the day of my wedding, but I experienced none. I felt so relaxed, so clam, so ready to marry my baby. I was happy and content. I even watched TNT for a half an hour, all by myself in my basement, in my wedding dress, right after my bridesmaids left to go take pictures. It just seemed so surreal, the feeling of peace I had that day.

So no doubt, for me, my wedding day was the best. I don't think anything could ever top the feelings of that day. I feel so lucky and blessed and if I ever experience such a day of peace and excitement, I will be sure to let you know!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An apple is how many points?

So me and some key ladies are embarking on a new adventure. We are on the long trek to a healthy lifestyle. We each want to hopefully take off some lbs. but more importantly, we want to be healthy. I would almost say we CRAVE it!

And now to introduce you to the wonderful ladies!

Meet Tonya and Laura. Tonya is a new bride and Laura is about to get married. They have seen the lows of weight, and they have seen the highs. We are coming together to help each other make a difference.
And then there is me!
I too have seen the highs and the lows of weight, and currently, I am close to my highest. After two days of taking on some help from Weight Watchers, I am already feeling great! This morning I weighed in at 4.5 lbs lower then I was in January/February! March seems to be looking up.
Now never fear, my blog will not turn into a weight blog, but we could all use a bit of accountability and what better "weigh". Hahaha! I will periodically update with triumphs and hurdles and maybe if you have some advice, you would give us the pleasure and share it!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dear Friends!

My aunt is participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. My Great Grandma, one of the best people to ever play a role in my life, passed away from breast cancer. It is a terrible disease that effects so many. All forms of cancer are devastating and we need to come together and fight them all. This is one way that YOU can start the fight! Donate and help us make a difference!

Love and God Bless us all,

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The other day...

So the other day, in preparation for our kitty's arrival, we did a little housekeeping. And I found my wedding dress. Chaz had tucked it away. Probably so what took place that day would not happen! lol....Cause I love my dress! Fricken LOVE it! So I put it on! Woot woot! Best time ever! Even Chaz was laughing and having fun...he didn't think I was too crazy! Even if ya'll might think so!

Chaz keeps telling me that I should just take it in to get it boxed so it doesn't yellow but I love having that occasional access to I can stare at it's wonderful awesomeness and then talk myself into putting it on. If it was in a box, a would have to skip that last part...sad! But I know he is right and I will soon have to get it boxed...but not before I maybe put it on ONE MORE TIME! are some pictures that occurred post finding my dress!

Yes, this is me just laying on the bed, chilling in my dress in the sunshine! Best day ever! hahaha!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No new is good news...NOT!

I will start this by saying we still have not picked a middle name for Faith. You'll have to forgive me but I have a husband who has to take his time and ponder everything till he is blue in the face. What a funny guy! I promise though, you will be the first to know!

Today is Tuesday, yet this week has already exceeded expectations, and will only continue to do so!

Tonight Chaz and I went to see Michael Franti and Spearhead perform. They were opening for John Meyer, but I think it should have been the other way around!

Chaz and I got there super early because we could not pick where to eat before. We walked in the door and Chaz took a look at the tickets and realized we were on Club level! Hello feeling like a spoiled rich kid! I had no idea, so ensues surprise number one!

So we went to the club level to find food and found an all you can eat amazing buffet which was a bit pricey but Chaz wanted to treat me for my birthday! say the least! Surprise number two!

And surprise three was the shirt I found with the lyrics to my wedding song on it! Score again! This was all on top of the most amazing, upbeat performance. I mean, moon walking to MJ with no shoes on, walking around the entire arena for like three songs, and inviting little kids up for Say Hey were just a few of the ways that Franti and his crew rocked the stage! Amazing!

Of course I had to rock out my cute shirt which will fit better after a few runs!

And now you can meet the new Durgin! Faith has come a long way since she arrived via foster mom on Saturday! I took this pick tonight! This is her coming towards my hand! She is getting there!

She is even roaming around. The first few days she was so shy and mean, that all these changes make us smile!

I think she finally got the point on Sunday when we kicked her out of the back room and made her come out to the living room. We wanted to give her her space but also let her get used to our sounds. Below she is letting Chaz give her some love on her second day her. It doesn't last long so we enjoy it when she gives it!

Pretty girl up close!

And the Bonnell's also have a new addition! My mom adopted a cute little female Jack Russell Terrier. She arrived at their place on Sunday! the other dogs are getting used to her but it will take some time for Duke to share his mom. And Val is really not sure! She will come around though!

So yeah, it's been a busy few days, and with a trip to Moorhead this weekend, I think it will continue to be crazy busy wonderful!