Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coming Up...

So, the days keep ticking by. And seriously, they seem to be flying by even quicker now. Now that we are less than three months till the big day, time certainly isn't slowing down! But we are so blessed to have awesome family and friends for support, that we haven't had too much stress to deal with.

My mom and I have budgeted and planned. This last weekend we started printing invites. My mom is so wise on computers! She rocks!

My dad and I have picked over the guest list and now we will venture into picking out music. He has strong opinions on what constitutes as good music so of course we let him grace us with his knowledge. What a guy!

The future in-laws have been amazing too! What great people! Terri is planning the coolest groom's dinner ever. Seriously, it will be a blast.

And of course there's the number one guy in my life! Chaz has been so supportive and of course he has shared his grand opinions! Sometimes, he shares them even when they are not necessarily wanted! He truly is amazing.

And my close girlfriends and sister have been great at giving advice. I know I will for sure have a cool wedding, since I have all these trendy ladies to help me out! And my bro Mikey is there to bring in comedic relief when things do get stressful!

And my grandmas have been great. I have one who e-mails me websites all the time, and the other who helped me pick out my dress! It is great to have them both in my life!

These are just a few from the large support network we have. I am so thankful for everyone who is helping during this big time in our lives!

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