Sunday, April 29, 2012

First 10k done!

The race on Saturday went very well!  It was cold and rainy, but I pulled of a good time and hey, I finished!

I spent Friday night at my friend LeeAnn's house.  We had some pasta and spent the night relaxing.  We got up the next morning and my mom grabbed us at 7:15 am.

The race was ridiculously well organized.  There were shuttles from the VA Hospital to Minnehaha Falls since there is very little parking at the falls...only time this sucked was waiting in the cold rain pot race to get back on the bus...that line was a little too long.

On the way there however, the lines were short and the buses were rolling through at a consistent pace.

We got to the park and headed straight for the bathrooms.  Then enjoyed some coffee, some stretching, and another bathroom break before heading to the starting line...I loved getting there early and having time to settle in.

The race started and I felt pretty good.  With so many people, the race was slow to get started but I loved that!  It helped me remember to set my own pace and fall into a comfortable groove to ensure I finish.

Around a mile and a half, I started to get a side ache.  Instead of running through, I decided to nip that baby in the butt.  I stopped, did some quick stretching, and made the stop worth while by removing my jacket which was getting a little too warm for comfort.

I stopped a second time at mile three to grab some water, and stretch my calf which was starting to feel tight.  The next three miles went pretty smoothly.  I did have to walk a few times, mostly for my calf, but one time out of pure exhaustion.  I had started my way up this stupid hill and just decided that this hill was meant to be walked.

Mile four was probably my favorite mile.  I have no clue why but the music on my I-pod was rocking, and I was feeling great!  I just had this shit faced grin on my face.  Best feeling ever.

I wish I could have hit the finish with that face but for some reason, right as I was coming into the finish line, I was hit with a waive of nausea.   I straight up think it was nerves.   I did so well at focusing on my pace, and how my body was feeling, but once again, I let me nerves get to me.  I am an anxious person, but that's a bit too much!  So a goal for my next race will be to just be relaxed!  Running is such a mind game and I continue to learn new things all the time!

Even with that little hiccup, I ran the race, I finished in 1 hour and 16 minutes (hell yes!), and I am proud of myself!

A huge thanks to LeeAnn for the idea to sign up!  You are such a motivating and great friend.  My mutti for being an inspiration and for running the race with us!  My hubby for starting the trek to the finish line but not making it there in time because I am a rockstar runner!  lol (You can't blame him since it took me forever and 20 years to finish my half marathon last year!)  I have the best husband in the world and all I ever get from him is motivation and praise...It's mind boggling how supportive he is!  All my peeps who shared the love on Facebook!  And of course the French Meadow who prepared my post race feast!  I am so blessed to have such amazing rockstars in my life.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Pre-Race Day

 We gots our swag...
And my nails are painted perky, positive gold (I made that name up-gotta keep the positive vibes rollin)!

Tonight I have hh with some of my girlfriends, and then I am headed to a friends house to spend the night.  She is also running the race so we are going to eat, relax, stretch, and get a good night sleep! 

I am nervous, but at this point, I can't focus on that.  I need to focus on being positive and uplifting.  Those feelings will get me much further then the nerves! 

Hoping to fill you all in on the results tomorrow! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Yeah...that's the sound my calves are

No, actually, my calf is doing a lot better...still a little tight, but it withstood a 3.75 mile run yesterday so I think I should be good for Saturday's race.  I am nervous though because I did not reach over 5 miles in my training...My calf straight up stood in the way of that.  So completing a 6.2 mile run may be a challenge, but it's a challenge I am going to face head on!  I have been stretching, icing, heating, compressing.  I am really paying attention to my body and hopefully that helps.

Here is my plan for the rest of the week leading up to the race:

Today-walk, stretching, foam roller
Thursday-30 day shred, shake out run (mile or two)
Saturday-Run my tush off

Things I want to remember during race (a letter to myself!?!):

  • Those people passing you, let them.  Find your pace, and go with it.  You are running for you, not them.  Do YOUR best.
  • Don't start out will kick you in the pants later.  
  • Take in your surroundings.  Enjoy the atmosphere, the people, and the weather (even if it is supposed to be chilly!  eek!)
  • Listening to your body.  What hurts?  How does it feel?  How do you feel?  What feels good?
  • Dream about the bath and nummy food you are going to eat when you are done!
In other news, I have given up pop...I have been getting my fix with Seagrams Sparkling Seltzer Water..the White Peach is ridic!  Not sweet, of course, but still just refreshing!  And yeah, I occasionally take a sip of my husband's soda, but whatev''s no where near as much as I used to drink!

And I think that's about it folks!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ugh, my legs!

I rested two days, well, I shredded for two days (30 day shredded, that is!), and was able to finally get in a run yesterday. 

During my run, my calf actually felt great.  No tightness or pain, I only wish the weather would have been nicer.  I did a mile indoors at the Y (on the track), and then took it outside for another mile.  The rain ended up holding off though so I wish I would have just gone to the lake. 

I was beyond pumped that my calf was feeling good.  I made sure to stretch before, and after, and drink a lot of water during the day, along with some wonderful green tea.  I am feeling a little tightness today, but no pain.  I am hoping to combat it with some advil, water, and a nice rub down from my mom at the hockey event tonight!  That's right folks, one more weekend of hockey.  It will be long, it will be crazy, but the money will be wonderful, especially since our trip to Alaska is quickly approaching (yep, just did a happy dance at my desk!).  AND, the best part is, this Sunday is supposed to be nice, and we get done at 5, as opposed to 9 last Sunday, so I am hoping I can log my 5 mile run Sunday night!  Wish me luck!

Happy Weekend Peeps!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ten years...

This is my husband Chaz...oh yeah, and that's me too!  Today is an important day.  It's the day we mark being together for 10 years.  10 wonderful, amazing, and fun years!  I have been with my husband for almost half my life...crazy!  And I wouldn't have it any other way because life has straight up rocked with him by my side.

We have dealt with our fair share of issues.  Long distance for 6 years, lived and had jobs in different areas, and all of that on top of the normal couple flare ups.  Yet for some reason, we rarely focus on the tough parts...they seem nonexistent, because we have so much fun in our day to day lives...we just fit together, and it's awesome!  We love life, and we love each other!  It has been a blast and I am so excited for our future together!

Here's to another lovely 10 years with the love of my life!

I love you babe!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The hockey tournament this weekend went well...of course it was long, and tiring, but the money is good, and I enjoy the people! I watched what I ate, for the most part, and even snuck in a late night run Saturday night...kinda wishing I hadn't done that...well, actually really wishing I hadn't.

From the beginning of my run, my calf felt tight, but I just forged ahead, punching out a mile. I could tell me calf was unhappy, but I thought it would stretch out after a quick walk. It didn't, and Sunday I walked around with the tightest muscle cramp. My mom gave me a deep tissue massage...she's kind of a pro at that bizzo. And I have been icing, heating, compressing, and it was feeling much today, when I could tell my body was craving a long run, I thought I would just head out and do it!  In the back of my mind, my calf haunted me, but I had to give it a shot...everything else felt spot on. My calf, however, had other plans. And while it wasn't an intense pain, it was there, and if I learned anything from Saturdays run, it's that I can't push it.  So after one mile tonight, I just threw in the towel.  And I was bummed.  I hate not getting in a run, especially when everything falls into place so nicely (ie. feeling good, good weather, timing).

I know next Saturday when I run my 10k, I will be thankful that I rested, but right now, I'm still kind of beating myself up.  I need to learn that there is a time and place for everything and tonight just wasn't the night for a long run, even though I so wanted it to be.  Wish me luck that after a few days of cross training, I can get back out there an pound the pavement!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Welcome home!

This past weekend in the CO was wonderful.  I had an amazing time with family and the weather was warm and sunny…my favorite kind!  We enjoyed tons of food and I even learned a new game…Bunko….straight up life changing! 

The driving wasn’t too bad…I am an expert at sleeping in the car, and I had packed a book, some movies, and knitting.  I didn’t eat too bad….but I didn’t eat too good.  I got home and after relishing in my welcome home gift,
I headed straight to the bathroom where I stripped down and started the mission I would like to refer to as, “Try to make it look and feel like you did not just spend over 30 hours in the car over the span of the last four days”.  Yes, TMI, but seriously, I have never been that eager to just rid myself of everything related to a road trip.  I even got down to the knitty gritty, removing my chipped nail polish and replacing it with a fresh, clear color…it’s the little things! 

Again this week I needed to put in some crazy hours but it looks like I will be taking a little bit of vacation...can't sweat the small stuff.  In the end, it's all worth it, and that's what matters!  Even ditching out of work early yesterday only to go home and nap!  lol...but even with my week being travel and work crazy, I have been productive!  Not much by way of working out but I am making headway with my class, did some cleaning and organizing, and I am tracking what I am eating.  I am feeling pretty good, with a good amount of sleep, so really can't complain. 

This weekend I have a hockey tournament all weekend, and it gets to be a long weekend, only to be repeated next weekend but I have already planned to not go into work until 9:30 on Monday and Monday night I will take in a movie with my friend to make it ubber relaxing!  Seriously, probably the best plan I have come up with for combating stress!  Allow for recovery and plan something to look forward to!  Done and done!

Tonight I am running the lakes...hoping for a nice run that just comes easily...sometimes they can be a pain, and sometimes they just rock!  Hoping to Rock it!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Long hours for now

This week has been ubber crazy.  We are headed to the CO for Easter, and to see my grandpa, who is not doing to well, so I have been cramming in my hours at work.  I will successfully get in all 40 hours, and still have tomorrow off...but it has come with some sacrifices...more on that later! 

I am glad I crammed in all 40 hours this week because next week, I would have to do it all over again, with having Monday off, but to top that off, I am out early next Friday because next weekend starts the two weekends in a row crazy fest that is Select Hockey weekends...I love them; I love the hockey, the great players, getting to see familiar faces from the hockey world, but the two weekends are completely and utterly draining!  And I have to be on my A game because the weekend after, I run a 10k.  AND, nothing like adding school back into the mix next week too!  So if I have to take any vacation, I am going to do it next week...but hopefully it's not too much...I want to be able to take in some camping this summer, and of course, there is my trip to Alaska, so here's to hoping I can pace the vacation I take...and hopefully have enough to cover all my dreams and desires!  lol

But this week has been out the door by 7, and not back in the door till after 7.  Add to that packing, laundry, and the little hints of exercise I was able to fit in and you've got one hell of a week.  Prior to this week I was following a running schedule to a T, and I fricken loved it, but I am going to have to do some serious make up runs in the CO and next week, I am back on that training plan!  I am not going to let that be sacrificed next week! 
I just love hitting the pavement and honestly, it keeps me sane, relaxed, what have you! I am glad that prior to this crazy week I did get in a 4.5 mile run with under 12 minutes miles!  That's huge for me!  Distance, and a decent pace!  The final breakout was 11:39 minute miles!  I'm cool with that.  And thank gosh, cause it probs helped fuel me through this past week. 

The added running and working out has been making me feel marvelous.  My clothes are fitting better, my face is looking less puffy, and I just feel good.  "Crazy week", as I'll formally name it, took a toll on my healthy eating, but not in a super bad way, and I can reign myself back in!  I weigh in weekly, not necessarily for the number, but to keep myself on track...the number can motivate, but it also can make me crabby...luckily I have gotten better and tuning into my own body and how I feel....I don't dread the weigh in as much as I used to.  I have learned to except a number if it is bad and work hard to change it the next week. 

A little weigh in tip:  I weigh in once a week, and that's about as often as I ever want to make a date with my scale!  I have a little sign taped to my mirror and every Tuesday night, I move it to the middle so I remember to weigh in on Wednesday morning...I am not a morning person so trust me, this is also necessary to keep on track!  
So I am headed off to the CO tonight, road tripping with the padres and my brother.  The hubby is staying home to work...I will miss him but I am sure he will enjoy some peaceful time at home!  So I get to feel like a teenager, road tripping with the fam all serious, sometimes it feels weird being a 26 year old married lady road tripping with the padres...not in a bad way, just a weird way.  I don't know about you but around my peers and husband, I feel like an adult, but still sometimes feel like a kid around my parents...I wonder if that ever goes away, not like it matters...just a thought!  I have packed some good snacks (mostly healthy!!!:) and some good books!  Here's to safe travels for all those traveling this Easter weekend!