Monday, August 24, 2009

We are getting married in 33 days! Yeah!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


This Wednesday will mark one month before we get married. Here is what is going to take place this week and I can only imagine that the four weeks following will be the same.

Monday: Shopping with mom
Tuesday: Meeting with venue
Wednesday: Cake with dad/help Chaz find gifts
Thursday: Alterations and flower reading
Friday: Maybe a break?
Saturday: Shower

What a crazy busy time. What will I do with myself once this wedding is over? I have no clue...maybe actually focus on my homework instead of just punching it out. Maybe finishing a novel and not taking 6 months to read 100 pages. Maybe updating my blog on a regular basis. For now though, those things can wait. I don't wish this wonderful busy time away. I am lovin every minute of this once in a life time journey! Woot woot!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A new month...reflection on the last!

Well jeepers, it has been a crazy month! And with it's end brings us all the more closer to our wedding day! And even though we are quit immersed in wedding planning, we have had time to enjoy a few activities on the side.
One of our favorite things to do is make dinner and eat at the coffee table. We have done this many time now, and this July was no different. We even made sure to cool off from the summer heat with a chilled bottle of wine! Tons of fun!

I even had a weekend of free time to head up to Moorhead! Tonya celebrated a birthday at the end of the month but I headed up early to share some special time with her. We watched movies, tooled around town, ate some Mexican food, and had a night on the town. It was a great, relaxing weekend. Here's a few pictures we took while playing games in the couples garden!! lol!

What a freakin crazy pair. You never know what they are going to do next!

And a little pre-trip picture. I got home before the trip and Chaz had chilled the vodka I was to take up! What a sweetheart. I was for sure it wouldn't stay cold but sure enough, when I got up there, it was!
And since moving to Mpls., we have been able to share some great experiences. This is a picture of our picnic in the back of his car. We took our clothes to the laundromat, walked across the street to order a pizza while they were washing, and ate in the back of the truck with the hatch up while it rained. We had such a good time. It has become our laundry night ritual as often as we can.

Chaz even treats for dessert!

At the end of July, Chaz and I were lucky enough to go up north with my best friend since 7th grade Laura and her lover Dave. We went to her step dad's cabin past Spooner Wisconsin. We enjoyed a little drinking, and little grilling, a little rope swinging, and some good conversation. Laura and I even wore some sweet shirts. She had bought hers the weekend before and I just had to follow in the trend!

This is a picture from the main living area. Laura's step dad built the place with his own hands over ten years. Such a beautiful place!

Here's a picture of the guys enjoying a little polish golf in the front yard.

And even though this pic is from August, I thought I would include it. Chaz and I headed across the street from our apartment to take in some National Night Out activities and they were giving out free cotton candy! I felt like a little kid again! so nice living in the busy city where there is always something going on!

And we have had a few months now to get our apartment all put together and we both feel really comfortable. This little place sure has grown on us, and even though we are looking to upgrade, we really are enjoying living here. Sure there isn't much space, and the hallways smell, but our apartment has become very cozy. A great place to come home to!

We even have some of Grandma Lainey's old kitchen stuff to make it a bit more homey! Chaz loves these retro containers!

So that was last month! Stay tune for what happens this month...I am sure it will be full of wedding adventures!