Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time well spent

Tonight we went to the Wild Game! We arrived a little over 45 minutes late cause Chaz had class, but we found cheap parking, no lines at the vendors, and we missed the usually boring first period!

We enjoyed hot dogs, and beer, and fries, and cheese bread, and pop, and brats, and...needless to say, we need to get on a post wedding diet!

And after three periods of hockey and one overtime, a shoot out ensued and BAM! The Wild win! Something very uncommon recently!

It was a great night as a married couple! In fact, our first Wild game as a married couple.

So, any Wild players, if you are reading this, the Durgin's are a good luck charm and we gladly will except club seating!


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Anonymous said...

You are a gifted writer!!!!!! What a fun little read about the Durgin's attending a Wild's game. Go for it Chaz and Adara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!