Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Five: Gift giving for the active person in your life...

I wanted to share a few pieces that I love having around for not only run's in general, but especially those runs that take place during the chillier months!  Frankly, these are all great for any outdoor activity!

  • A month ago I finally bought two Sparkly Soul head bands.  These head bands are amazing!  I have worn them on long runs, plyometric workouts, and just lounging around.  They hardly move!  By far the best "stay put" headband I have come across!
  • I just recently got a shirt from Gap's Athletica very similar to this one.  I LOVE IT!  The sleeves are long and have a slit for your thumb.  I feel like it add a little bit more shield from the cold and the fabric is great for wicking away sweat.  
  • And you have to make sure to cover up those ears when out for a run.  I feel like if I keep my ears and hands warm, I can with stand some pretty cold temps but without them, I am toast!  I just purchased this headband and can't wait to try it out!
  • These tech gloves from Target make running in the winter great if you use your iPhone while working out.  The texture tips allow you to use your phone while keeping your hands nice and toasty!
  • Last but not least, because these things are the shit, I would suggest a pair of compression sleeves.  Compression helps with recovery post run but can also be used while running to add an extra layer of warmth.  I didn't get what all the hype was about prior to purchasing these but after feeling the difference in my running, recovering and resting, I am sold!  Not everyone has the same results but I love them!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Gift Giving...

I generally write about food, working out, my lack of working out, my weight, and occasionally the happenings in my life.  But obviously there are lots of other things that I enjoy, although food and working out are two of my fav!  I have posted about different crafts I have done, and one of my favorite hobbies, wedding planning.  Someday I will get everything organized and add some tabs for organization.  But the point is, this blog is a grab bag, 100%.  So this post will have nothing to do with food or exercising, but rather gift giving!

The holiday season is right around the corner, and while most of my shopping is done, it doesn't have to be stressful for the last minute shopper.  I helped a friend out today with a few ideas and thought I would share!

Movie Gift Basket:

  • Movie tickets, popcorn, movies, candy, cozy socks, hot chocolate packets
Manicure Gift Basket:
  • Nail Polish, File, Cotton Balls, Nail Polish Remover

Gift Card for a Manicure, Spa Day, Hair Cut or color

Book Gift Basket:

  • Book, coffee Mug, assortment of tea and hot cocoa, fuzzy socks, bookmark
For the Chef in your life:
  • Baking sheets, silicone baking sheets, cool kitchen gadgets and fun cookbooks (be creative!)
  • Colander with pasta and pasta sauce (make it fancy by using organic pasta and organic sauces with fun ingredients)
Homemade Cookies and Treats

Canned Goods

A bottle of wine with a set of wine glasses

If you have family or friends with kids, consider giving them a night off and offer to babysit!  

Good luck!  And get creative! 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Monday Run!

Monday I got home from work a little late.  It was ridiculously cold outside, but I was craving an outdoor run.  I started out and it was already dark (I don't really understand daylight savings time).  My muscles also felt a bit tight and I couldn't really get my tight shins to join the party.  I could have given up right there.  In fact, I considered it.  But I just told my self to get to a mile.  My body warmed up, I started to get in the groove, and I was feeling good.  I told myself the next step was to get to two miles.  After two miles, I was feeling great.  The desire to complete a 5k was at a peak.  I felt driven and motivated and not only did I complete the 5k, I exceeded it by .15 of a mile.  I ran 3.35 miles!  Moral of the story: Fight for it-Don't Give Up!  

IT WAS WONDERFUL!  It felt amazing to be back in the game, to really feel good and happy running.  My ankle still gets a little sore, but as long as I ice it, it doesn't give me to many problems.  I feel so blessed for this!

Even though there are good days and bad; days where a workout fits into the schedule perfectly and days where it doesn't; days where you eat healthy and feel content and days where you eat the cupboard and feel remorse, the main thing is to fight for it and not give up!

Monday, November 12, 2012

I can do it!

Happy Monday! 

Monday's are always great for a fresh start!  A new lease on life!  A do-over! I generally don't like to think of any day or time as a fresh start, because that leads to making excuses (it's better to just jump right back on track when you start thinking this way-don't wait for "Monday") but sometimes a future deadline just seems more obtainable.  Whatever works! 

I had a wonderful weekend with friends, but it involved drinking and not the best eating.  I didn't wait till Monday to start over though.  I stopped at the gym on my way home yesterday...I had been in the car for almost 4 hours and before I left, I put my workout clothes on so I would have no excuse.  I was actually excited to get into the gym and sweat out some booze and stretch my legs!  It was a good workout...I did some running, inclines, and weights!  I really need to focus on adding more strength training. 

I didn't weigh in last Thursday, but I had had an off week and am pretty sure the four pounds I lost in October were not solid pounds.  I fluctuate a lot and I really need to be consistent to take off solid pounds.  Instead of celebrating in my weight loss and continuing to move forward, I actually let my mind think that I could let loose a bit...not a good idea!  And my successful weigh in was Halloween which of course was a great day to let loose-Damn candy!

Like I said previously, I am not going to stress this holiday season, but I sure the hell am not going to gain.  I do not want to exceed 233 at's just not needed. 

Here's to Monday! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday Monday...

This weekend wasn’t my best eating. And I didn’t do any hard core workouts. I walked my parents dogs while house-sitting, and made sure to do some workout videos and youtube videos, but I didn’t really push myself. And I didn’t track everything I ate. I certainly didn’t go crazy but this weekend I just felt in a slump. The past few weeks have been really stressful and Friday I received some great news (more to come later!), but it was almost like my body needed to revert inward and hibernate this weekend rather than revel in the good news.

When I was in high school, there was a period of time where I wasn’t getting enough sleep, not eating right, and stressing about every little thing. I would get this eye twitch in my right eye lid that would sporadically happen throughout the day. I did some reading on it and realized it was most likely caused from stress and lack of sleep. It went away shortly after that but has now returned! Ugh, so fricken annoying! And I feel like I have been sleeping a lot on the weekends but I think in general, the schedule I am maintaining needs a shake up. Tonight I plan on getting a workout in, then going home to clean. I need to freshen up my space, make it look nice and organized (maybe a good purging is in order!), and then I need some sleep! I am going to drink a crap load of water today, keep up with my new found tea regiment, and focus on getting in some veggies today. I just need to flush out the bad and bring on the good! Wish me luck!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Maintain not gain...for realz this time!

Last year I really tried hard to maintain and not gain over the holidays.  I was doing great, up until we actually left for vacation.  Then everything just sort of fell to the waist side.  Literally!  And I didn't get my shit together until after Valentine's day.  I put on a good, solid 10 pounds!

This year, I would really like to focus on maintaining, and not gaining during the holiday season.  Focusing on food during the holiday season can be hard so this is not necessarily the time to put a huge amount of pressure on ones self, but it is also not the time to come undone.  I don't want to have to spend my spring doing damage control again!

My grandma asked me to come up with three things she could do to jumpstart her healthy lifestyle again.  I thought we could all benefit from a few tips so I wanted to share it here!

  1. If you don't currently walk outside daily, let's make a goal to lace up the sneakers and head outside at least once a day, even if it's only to go around the block.  The fresh air mixed with a brisk walk will only do the body good!  I know in the cold months I tend to migrate to the gym more often than working out outside but I am going to make an effort to include some outdoor walking.  Even if I head to the gym, I plan on walking the length of the strip mall it is located in before I head in for my workout!  Tips to help set this in motion:
    • Set a calendar reminder on your phone for a daily push to get you out the door
    • Place a calendar on the fridge and mark off each day you head out with a positive sticker or smiley face.  
    • Set up a reward system.  If you go outside for 30 days in a row, treat yourself to mani/pedi, a new article of clothing, a new book, whatever you fancy! 
  2. Let's make sure we are drinking water throughout the day.  No magic number, let's just do it!  Find what works for you.  8 glasses, 3 nalgene bottles, 6 water bottles...however you like to get your water intake, set a goal, and run with it!  Flushing out the toxins is so good for you body!  It may be tmi but I know I am getting a good amount of water when I need to head to the restroom about every hour!  I am great Monday through Friday but suck on the weekends so I am going to focus on increasing my water intake over the weekends!
  3. Eat breakfast!  It is the most important meal of the day and too many people skip it.  I can't make it two hours without fueling my body!  Oatmeal, eggs, fruit, even vegetables.  Start your day on the right foot.  It will set you up for success the rest of your day!
Happy November!  I am headed outside for a walk with my parents dogs!