Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Can't wait...

So last night was a fantastic night! I can't even put in to words how wonderful it was to be surrounded by friends and family, great food, and simply put, lots of love! Chaz took numerous calls to wish him a happy birthday from family and friends who were out of state. He was happy as a clam, and that was wonderful to see! This year has held a few rough patches but things are looking up and last night helped put into perspective just what really matters!

And after all the hustle and bustle of the past few days, weeks months, I am taking night off! I am going to make dinner, and then fill my night with decorating for Halloween (something I am just excited to do!), taking a bath, reading, and heading to bed early! The end of the work day can't come soon enough! I am not going to allow myself to make last minute plans...I am going to take the night and just do what I want!

Jeepers! Who knew a night off could get you so excited! Is it 5 o'clock yet?!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Mushy Post Day 3

It's here! The day has arrived!

Happy 27th Birthday to my Love! And Happy Anniversary to boot!

We had a wonderful night with friends and family, and had a crap load of stroganoff and cake! It was deliciously wonderful to be surrounded by love, from both near and far, and the good food only enhanced it.

Everyday, the love for my husband grows, and after 9 and a 1/2 years, it's some pretty intense love, and I know it will only continue to grow. We don't even know the half of it.

I look forward to growing old with my husband. I look forward to the future. I look forward to starting a family...so many amazing things have happened, and so many amazing things to come!

Friday, September 23, 2011

This may result in me getting a DVR...

So Thursday night, as often considered growing up, is tv watching night. I am going to try and get back into the Office. I haven't paid much attention to it the last two years but it's time to give it some love!

I also really enjoyed the season premiere of Whitney, which was on after the Office, and following those babies up with a little Jersey Shore for now equals a pretty bomb night!

Thursday nights I am generally free, although I never put off my social life for tv! However, Up all night is on Wednesday night...the same night as flag football! Up All Night is surprisingly good too! Granted it is just the beginning but I see great potential!

So, the dilemma is...do I invest in DVR so that I can keep up with my shows? I am trying to weigh the decision because I know that if I get DVR, I will be pulled to watch tv, and I am pretty sure I would stress myself out thinking of all the shows I have piling up...I can't help it...I have a few anal characteristics left! I guess being a grown up really is hard...lol!

Mushy Post Day 2

On Wednesday, Chaz and I went to a Twins game to celebrate our anniversary. Our anniversary is not until Monday but since we are having a birthday party for Chaz that day, we decided to celebrate a bit early!

Chaz and I have a knack for reflecting on the past. Maybe it is just me and I make him reflect with me, but either way, it is fun to talk about the past and special memories we have. After 9 and 1/2 years, there are quite a few memories!

One memory that I love was not shared with Chaz, however, but rather with all my bridesmaids. After taking pictures and stopping for a bathroom break at my mother-in-law's friends house, we loaded in to two cars to head to the church. I remember shouting as we walked out the doors, "Let's go get Chaz some insurance!" (As he was in school and did not have worked provided insurance...or possibly any for that matter; I can't remember!).

As we were driving to the church, the Black Eyed Pea's song "Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night" came on the radio. We rolled down the windows, both cars had hands hanging out the windows jamming, and we all laughed at the irony that that night WAS going to be a good night! It certainly started the whole event off on the right foot. I will never forget sharing that moment with some of the most important women in my life!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mushy Post Day 1

That title implies that there may be multiple Mushy posts and if you guessed that, well, then you are one smart cookie!

Next Monday we celebrate 2 years of marriage and I thought I would use this here blog to record some memories! That and Chaz shares his day of birth with our anniversary day so for the sake of not overshadowing that, I thought I could get some of my anniversary mushy overload taken care of right here and spare him most of the mush (and there is plenty to go around so never fear, he will be showered, I just think it's best I take it down a few notches so I am being proactive)!

So let's kick it off and what better way to kick off the merriment then sharing some pics of my ring!

This is the day Chaz decided to put a ring on it! November 4th, 2008! As I have mentioned before, this is a hard date to forget as it was election night, and not just any election night, but it was the night America elected their first black president...pretty cool, eh?!?

Prior to this night, I had no clue what the ring looked like. I also had no clue when it would happen. I may have had a small inkling that it was going to take place in the near future however.

About 6 months earlier, Chaz's parents were visiting, and they had all treked to Minneapolis for a lunch date. Chaz may have let it slip that they were looking at rings (how cool that his parents were involved-although that may be the reason it finally took place as my wonderful husband doesn't mind taking his sweet time on occasion!) so there fore I knew that in only a matter of months, I would get to start planning my wedding to the love of my life!

When Chaz let it slip that they were looking at rings, he also told me who was making it. I went home that evening, told my mom in a rather excited fashion that things were rolling, and we spent the evening studying the designs on the jewelers website. Everything is so unique and special that I couldn't even imagine what it would look like. And for that I am glad.

While I go the wild hair to searhc the website, I have always been the girl who did not want to know what her ring would look like, or when it would be coming. I wanted complete and utter surprise, and for the most part, that is what I got!

So on the night of November 4th, 2008, on a cruise ship with Chaz's family, Chaz purposed to me on the balcony, under the bright moon. It was a magical moment!

Good thing my mom had me get my nails done (wink wink)!

And boy am I glad that I had no say in what my ring would look like. I could have never dreamt up something so beautiful!

The ring is comprised of family jewelry, melted down, and reformed into this design...
To say I absolutely love it is an understatment. To me, it represents our history, our families history, on top of being unique, interesting, and just simply beautiful.

I would never say the ring makes the engagement, but in my case, it added so much to that special day. It was so intercate that I spent hours looking at it, and asking Chaz to tell me all the details that went into it.

I will need to ask him or his parents for the whole run down so we can keep it for future generations, but I do know that the diamond was Chaz's grandma's, the two small diamonds were his sisters, and his dad's first wedding band went into it (since it no longer fit him).

Talk about making a girl feel lucky!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I did it!

Yesterday I ran a 5k, one that kicked off my path to getting healthy!

Last September, I wrote a post about wanting get healthy so I could run the Liz Logelin Foundation 5k.


And yesterday, I ran it, 20 pounds lighter, and with 2 5k's and a half marathon under my belt! It felt great...and I was running for a great cause!

On the right side of my blog, there is a link to the Liz Logelin Foundation...check it out...And think about donating if you are able!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Looking forward...

I am excited for this fall...not just the pumpkins, the apples, the cool air and the comfort foods. Although these things could certainly make it memorable all in themselves.

On top of all the pre-noted wonderfulness, I get to celebrate my husbands birthday, our 2nd wedding anniversary, my aunt's wedding, Concordia's Homecoming with my brother being a freshman, time with the Core Four (my Auggie ladies), two 5K's, and a fun craft weekend in Moorhead. Throw in Halloween and Thanksgiving and we're talking party!

My statistics class ends on Friday...Thursday night will be dedicated to homework. Then I get four wonderful weeks off. I am looking forward to that! I plan to organize my life, get in a bunch of fall running, and hang out with my friends who get neglected as my homework increases...boo, I know, but what can you do! Hopefully my next class is not as killer...luckily no classes over Christmas (gotta look for the positives)!

Plan of attack for tonight is flag football, some dinner, and then getting a good start on my final assignment for class! Wish me luck!

P.S. It is COLD today in the Mpls....like high of 58 degrees...not to mention freezing tonight. Like I said, welcome fall! But winter, you best not be closely following!

Monday, September 12, 2011

A family weekend...

I had a great weekend. My little bro came home from college and I really needed to see him! I had missed him since he left 3 weeks ago. Like teared up twice looking at pictures of him as a young pup type of missed him.

I spent the entire weekend out in B*town. Friday night we enjoyed the family's favorite Mexican restaurant and I never get out there so I indulged! For this reason, I knew Saturday was all about tracking my points and getting some sort of work out in! We headed to the golf course at 3 and I decided to wear my work out clothes, even though I would not be playing golf...nope, I was driving the cart and going to sneak in some exercises! For the first 5 or 6 holes, at each stop, I either did cardio, strength, or stretching...what I did? Push ups, sit ups, running back and forth between the two carts, running to the green to be the flag biatch, then running back down! I honestly got in a great work out! And all weekend I tracked my points, I just totally ate my weeklies within two nights! lol...I am so funny!

And my husband took my out on a date night last night so that really did not help the whole point situation BUT, I am tracking everything and at least staying with the game from a mental aspect! And, he is just so darn cute, you can't pass up being asked out to dinner by him! I am tracking what I eat though and that is the hardest part for me...it is hard for me to log on to the site, and write down everything I eat, because it just seems tedious, but I am doing it!

So today is Monday, and I am ready for the week...I have homework to do tonight, but I am also going to punch out a good, sweaty workout, and maybe bake some treats for work!

Things I have cemented into my brain:

  • A small frilly drink at Starbucks is plenty...keeps the point count down while still enjoying a treat!

  • You can find time to work out, no matter where you are or what you are doing!

  • my brother grew up too fast!

  • I will never understand statistics!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

No doubt...

No doubt you remember where you were...who you were with...what you were doing. If you were old enough to recollect, then I know you remember.

I was 15, and a sophomore in high school. Nothing mattered more then the upcoming homecoming dance, and who I would sit with at lunch.

After first period, there was chatter in the hallway. I couldn't grasp what was going on. It sounded like rumors, or stories from something happening far far away.

During second period, the teacher had CNN on...this is when I grasped it. This is when I realized where this was all taking place. On my home field, in my own country, to my own people.

I watched, still not believing. Then, right there on the tv, in second period, I watched as the second plane hit. I felt hopeless, lost, scarred. I felt violated and cold. What was happening? What was going on? Was this the end? I no longer felt secure in my small town. In that moment, I felt a lack of trust.

My dad worked in a government building in the cities. I called to see if I could reach him. He answered, and I found a bit of hope. He said he was fine...I don't remember all the details of the call...I am not sure if they evacuated for security reasons, or if they all just hunkered down and waited it out. All I know is that hearing his voice brought back some reality.

I can't recall if I talked to my mom...those were not the days where everyone had a cell phone. Those were the days of landlines, so there was no texting or calling during the day unless you used a teachers phone. I do know she recollected later that her and my brother saw the second plane hit while still at home...his school started later so they were still together.

That night we cried. We sat as a family and watched the news. We heard rumblings that gas would run out. We considered taking our cars to the gas station in town that drastically hiked their price up by almost 400% that evening. Luckily my parents are not rash thinkers. They waited it out. We waited it out.

I remember feeling like nothing would ever be normal. I remember selfishly asking if homecoming would be cancelled...I thought a boy was going to ask me out, and I couldn't fathom anything ruining that....I feel foolish even putting that on here...but I was 15, and that was my reality.

But now I am 25. I have seen the toll that that day took on a lot of people. Ten years later, we are still seeing it. We are still feeling it. We are still fighting it.

For ten years, we have fought a war that ultimately started that day. That makes my stomach turn. Someday, hopefully we can rebuild, and stop risking the lives of our people. Hopefully we can live a life of peace, solitude, and trust.

Today I will reflect, pray, and ask for peace. Today I will remember all the lives lost, and ensure that they are not forgotten. Today, I will go out of my way to brighten someone else's day, because, no doubt, on a day like today, we could all use a little bit of comfort.

Dear Lord,
I pray that you watch over all of us...
The men and women fighting...
Their families back home....
The American people...
All mankind for that matter...
Help us to trust...
Help us to live...
And please help us to always remember...


Friday, September 9, 2011

Falling into fall....

Even though we have a beautiful 80 degree weekend approaching, I have accepted and am ready for fall. With the emergence of warm colors, pumpkin spice lattes, and trees with leaves beginning to color, my mind has slowly converted from summer to fall, and I am actually looking forward to it.

I have started a little fall cleaning project, and maybe this weekend I will throw out some of my fall decorations! Most importantly, I will probably dig through D. Lo's large quantities of decorations and spruce her living areas up too! We tend to spend more time in the upstairs area as of late so I really don't have to focus on the downstairs area too much...although, this may sound crazy, but I am going to kind of reclaim the downstairs and start spending more time doing my homework and watching tv. It is just comfortable because it is my stuff and I can watch what I want and just de-stress. I love being around people, and I think that is why I slowly started spending most my evening upstairs, even doing homework at the dinning room table, but I think I will focus more if I maybe spend some time in solitude. Ah, the ramblings of someone about to go into hibernation...fall truly is approaching!

Even still, I am off to enjoy my 80 degree weekend and take in just a bit more summer...maybe I can stock pile the sunshine and warmth and it will tide me over through winter which I am certainly not going to accept as willingly as I accepted fall!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's that time of year again...

PSL time that is!

P.S. PSL stands for Pumkin Spice Latte...or as I like it skinny PSL! But really, who cares...just go buy one now! You will never look back!