Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Almost there...

On Saturday we move....

Two words...




Oh my word! Can't wait till it is over!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Place!

As of October 31st, the Durgin's will be residing in a new apartment! Thank you dear Lord! It is clean, big, and bright!

We have two bedrooms. A small kitchen but it has been updated! So many closets we may not fill them all (that's a lie). We are so excited.

Before heading to the laundromat tonight, we stopped by the new place to sign our lease. The super nice, young, clean, friendly care taker had a cat so I was sold. Chaz listened to the logistics of the lease; I played with the overly large fury beast at my feat. The caretaker said, "He loves being held too." While be my guest Mr. cat. I grabbed that little bugger and hugged the meow mix out of him! May need to consider a cat to take up residency in our second bedroom.

Then, with the high of just signing the lease on a great place, we headed off to do our laundry and eat some bomb pizza- shout out to the Leaning Tower of Pizza. Definitely have had the realization cross my mind multiply times since getting married that I need to get me butt back to the gym. I took a break after the wedding but no more excuses. Oh man! Just feeling sluggish and bulky and that is no fun.

So, here's to a new apartment, and a new love for the gym? May have to work on the later of the two!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Time well spent

Tonight we went to the Wild Game! We arrived a little over 45 minutes late cause Chaz had class, but we found cheap parking, no lines at the vendors, and we missed the usually boring first period!

We enjoyed hot dogs, and beer, and fries, and cheese bread, and pop, and brats, and...needless to say, we need to get on a post wedding diet!

And after three periods of hockey and one overtime, a shoot out ensued and BAM! The Wild win! Something very uncommon recently!

It was a great night as a married couple! In fact, our first Wild game as a married couple.

So, any Wild players, if you are reading this, the Durgin's are a good luck charm and we gladly will except club seating!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life over the past two weeks!

So we are married!


It has been a blast!

I asked Chaz one of the first nights, "Do you feel different?"

He said, "Yes, do you?"

"Hell Yeah!"

It really does feel different.

He is now my husband!


So much fun though! We have waited for this!

And now that we are back from our amazing honeymoon in Kauai, life is back to normal.

We got a new apartment and move in in less then two weeks! We are so excited. The place we have right now is runned down and add the fact that our old neighbors both mysteriously died at the same time, it was a quick decision.

And now, two bedrooms! So come and visit once we have set up shop!

I will post soon about the honeymoon and update with pictures. For now though, I best get back to my homework! Oh school!