Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving Durgin style!

The New Durgins had a great Thanksgiving! Chaz and I are spending the holidays with his parents since they are moving to Shanghai the first part of January. It is hard being away from my parents but it is also fun traveling for the holidays and partaking in a new set of traditions. So for Thanksgiving, we headed down to good old Milwaukee with a truck as empty as we could get it to bring home some Durgin treasures. Note, we have a large amount of Durgin treasures around our apartment since Chaz moved from a nice big house to our slightly smaller apartment, but this time we are getting some much needed furniture which is a huge blessing.

So we hit the road on Wednesday, dealt with some crazy holiday traffic, and some even crazier weather, but arrived safe and sound somewhere around midnight. Shortly after we hit the sack and slept in till 11 am! It was a great start to our holiday break!

We had a lazy morning on Thanksgiving Day but soon everyone was up and all the girls helped put together a great holiday meal, lead by master chef Terri! It was delicious! We followed it up with a family game night and a few adult beverages. It was such a nice, relaxing day.

Then on Friday Terri, Laine, and I headed out around 8 am to get in on some holiday deals. We found some great presents and made it home in enough time to enjoy some afternoon turkey left overs. Then we all got dolled up and went to see Rent! Amazing! There were two original cast members so that made it even better. And of course the night on the town that followed was the cherry on top! I may have stumbled home that night!

Saturday was pretty similar. We got up, ate, and then headed out for some fresh air and a game of disc golf! Then back to the mall for more shopping! Pretty common the weekend after Thanksgiving! We finished the night with supper at a Korean Barbeque place. It was my first time eating Korean barbeque and I actually liked a good portion of it. I could have done without the crispy pieces of seaweed however! Chaz at them right up though! No kisses for him! We all went home smelling pretty funky!

Sunday we got up, had a wonderful skillet breakfast made by Terri and proceeded to find treasures around the townhouse to take home with us. We got a beautiful patio set, a cute ceramic elephant (love that guy!), some planters, pillows, and other nic nacs. Over Christmas we will be bringing home a bed and a couch! Woot woot!
It was a great first Thanksgiving for us! We enjoyed spending it together and spending it with family! We are Thankful for everyone and especially thankful we got to spend Thanksgiving with Chaz’s parents before they head over the big pond!

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