Sunday, August 23, 2009


This Wednesday will mark one month before we get married. Here is what is going to take place this week and I can only imagine that the four weeks following will be the same.

Monday: Shopping with mom
Tuesday: Meeting with venue
Wednesday: Cake with dad/help Chaz find gifts
Thursday: Alterations and flower reading
Friday: Maybe a break?
Saturday: Shower

What a crazy busy time. What will I do with myself once this wedding is over? I have no clue...maybe actually focus on my homework instead of just punching it out. Maybe finishing a novel and not taking 6 months to read 100 pages. Maybe updating my blog on a regular basis. For now though, those things can wait. I don't wish this wonderful busy time away. I am lovin every minute of this once in a life time journey! Woot woot!

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wardfamilybiggestloser said...

What a sweet write up! You damn right those things can wait. Yes, you have more important things on this once in a lifetime journey. I am happy to read you acknowledge this.

My dear, soak up the attention, absorb all the lovely things that come your way, and just keep right on saying, "this is my time!"

Love you lots and lots.