Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Life over the past two weeks!

So we are married!


It has been a blast!

I asked Chaz one of the first nights, "Do you feel different?"

He said, "Yes, do you?"

"Hell Yeah!"

It really does feel different.

He is now my husband!


So much fun though! We have waited for this!

And now that we are back from our amazing honeymoon in Kauai, life is back to normal.

We got a new apartment and move in in less then two weeks! We are so excited. The place we have right now is runned down and add the fact that our old neighbors both mysteriously died at the same time, it was a quick decision.

And now, two bedrooms! So come and visit once we have set up shop!

I will post soon about the honeymoon and update with pictures. For now though, I best get back to my homework! Oh school!

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