Saturday, December 27, 2014

33.3 weeks

I could potentially be added to the bad mom list already.  When I found out I was pregnant, I spent about a week in shock.  Then I quickly fell into about 6 weeks of morning sickness.  I didn't have the energy to take bump pics, get excited, or really relish in what was going on.  In fact, I felt fairly lost.

By the second trimester, I was starting to feel better, and my energy was back.  It felt great to be "normal".  Every couple weeks I started taking bump pics, I ensured my vitamin intake was spot on, and I really focused on being healthy.  Finding items for the nursery got me excited.  By the time I hit about 20 weeks, I started feeling little flutters, which was weird and cool all at the same time.

20 weeks almost to the day, we celebrated my husband's 30th birthday, our 5 year wedding anniversary, and we found out the gender.

It's a Girl!!!!!!!
And from there on out, it has just continued to feel more real as the days go on!

So I feel like a bad mom, because I just didn't have the energy to do all the tracking and posting and weekly bump pics and what have you.  But I know that I have waited over 12 years to see what Chaz and I would create together and I am so excited to welcome our little girl here shortly!  And I am also a realist.  Which maybe that hindered me during the first few months of pregnancy.  I know this is going to be hard.  And I know this will be life already has been.  But from what I read, it is all worth it, and every day, as I become more and more attached to this little girl inside me, I can't imagine doubting it.

So late, yes, but still worth while; I hope to document these last few weeks.

Weeks along: 33 (baby measuring about 1.5weeks ahead)

Total weight gain: around 16 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Leggings, leggings, and more leggings!

Miss anything: Sleep, being able to eat a big meal, and wine...or Bailey's...or get the picture!

I'm feeling: Excited!  And nervous!  It's a mixed bag.  But really looking forward to being done with pregnancy and physically holding our baby!  I just want her here, healthy, safe, and happy!

Sleep: Ha!  I have the best husband in the world.  Tonight I just about started to cry, telling him how much I hate the evening and thinking about trying to go to sleep.  Between bathroom breaks, leg cramps, rolling onto my back and snoring like a bear, I hate going to bed.  But he just rubs my leg, kisses my forehead, and tells me it will all be ok.  He is such a comfort-but man I hope sleep comes easily again once this little lady is born.

3 Pros of the week: Christmas eve service, being gifted cute as heck baby items, movie and dinner date with my man!

3 Cons of the week:  A nasty cold, restless legs, heartburn

Best moment of the week: Seeing my husband get excited when he can see the baby moving!

Movement: Little lady likes to kick, and kick a lot!  But I wouldn't trade all the movement for anything.  I know she is in there, cooking away, and the movement let's me know she is ok.  She does however calm right down when daddy places his hand on my belly!

Food cravings: Nothing really...sweets, but that's not new for me.

To Do list: Look up hospital classes, take some maternity pics, finish closet in nursery