Sunday, November 27, 2011

I wish every weekend was a holiday weekend...

But then I guess they wouldn't be considered special!

I had a great Thanksgiving. So much to be thankful for and we were surrounded by friends and family all day.

I started my day off with a weigh in and was only up .2 after dinner the night before at Benihana's. We went out for Dave's birthday (Laura's Dave) and we ate a lot. I knew I wasn't going to worry about what the scale said but I was happy to see only a .2 gain.

The fan arrived around 11:30 to watch the Packer game and Mike and I put together this cool wreath.
You take a styrofoam wreath, hot glue tinsel on by wrapping it around and then finish with an extra pop of decoration.
I love my little wreath!

Then it was an afternoon of friends, family, and games. We had a heated marbles game going on in the kitchen right before dinner. Let's just say there were a few aggravated cooks who weren't too happy we chose the kitchen as our location to play.
Too bad!

Dinner was a smorgasbord of ham, turkey, swedish meatballs and so many sides we had two tables full of just food!

An of course Chaz was dressed to help clean it all up!
It was a great Thanksgiving!

Now we can officially start celebrating Christmas. I respected the bird but once Friday rolled around, it was all about Christmas! Saturday evening Chaz and I made homemade pizza, grabbed some Caribou hot chocolate, and decorated for Christmas.

The tree is up...I will post pics later, every nook and cranny is filled with tinsel (Chaz has an obsession with tinsel!), and the cats are getting in the mood!
It was great continuing the tradition of putting the tree up and decorating as a couple. This will be our third holiday season married and our 10th together. We are so lucky and blessed to have a love that feels new and bright each day. I am so thankful that I have that in my life!

We finished out our day helping D. Lo put some lights outside and otherwise, we have been inside enjoying the warmth of our Christmas lights!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

an update...

I forgot to let you know last week that I forgot to weigh in on Thursday so I weighed in Friday morning and had maintained through the week. Nothing lost, but nothing gained! I was super happy with that. With the bachelorette party this past weekend however, I went a little crazy with the alocoholic drinks and sweets. I am not as hopeful for this Thursdays weigh in but I had fun this weekend, and I will have fun on Thanksgiving. Friday I will wake up, and continue on my road to maintenance through the holidays. Hopefully this mindset helps me be successful!


It's Thanksgiving on Thursday...make THIS if you want to be considered cool! I know I will!


I am so good at getting behind! I thought the daily "What am I thankful for" would get me on here more but, alas, it really hasn't. So now I get to play catch up!

Friday night I made some bomb enchiladas! It was a recipe I found on Pintrest. Check them out...pinned here. So good...and EASY! It was the perfect meal before going out with my mom and sister. We went to see our friend Amy perform at a drag show and it was awesome! Amy is one of the best performers, by far, but there are a lot of talented performers so it made for an entertaining evening.

Saturday I slept, cleaned, then slept so more. Then off to a bachelorette party with Laura. We for sure drank a bit too much but it was such a fun night and it felt great to let loose! Oh, and my first limo ride!

Sunday I went to Twilight with my Alyssa and I have to say, I really liked the movie. It was a bit more grown up and the acting is stronger then in the other movies. To me, the first movie is pretty week and the cinematography is not that sharp. The movies have definitely evolved since then.

Now I am immersed in a busy work week. The next two weeks I am going to be running around crazy. Luckily I get Thursday as a break and can enjoy some amazing food. I love Thanksgiving! And tonight I will head to fitness yoga to hopefully relax, stretch, and de-stress a bit. Maybe that will have to be my go to workout for the next two weeks.

What am I thankful for today?

  • I am thankful for those friends who are always there and I can completely let loose around. I love feeling comfortable around people.

  • I am thankful for quiet mornings when I can wake up slowly and lounge around in bed for a while.

  • I am thankful for last minute plans that turn out to be the best evening you have had in a while.

  • I am thankful for warm clothes and a big scarf to wrap around my neck!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Cheers to the fricken weekend...

Happy Friday! My team at work is full and content after the breakfast I brought in this morning. Homemade cranberry pear sauce, strawberries, banana chocolate chip muffins and crock pot egg bake! It was all a hit!

I made my usual brown sugar banana muffins which are 4pp and I added some mini chocolate chips. Since the recipe seems to grow every time I make it, I got 16 muffins this time (the recipe is usually 14), so i think it is safe to say that with the addition of the chocolate chips, the muffin is still only 5pp. I am going to figure it out later and let you know because they were delicious and felt naughty! (check out my food tab for the recipe).

the crock pot egg bake was pretty easy too and I like the results. I think the eggs were a bit grainy but not enough to stop me from making this again. There are a variety of recipes online but here is what I did.

Crock pot Egg Bake al a Adara
14 eggs (most recipes said 12 but I added a few extra for a larger group)
1-1.5 cups milk (depending on eggs used)
30 oz bag of frozen hash browns
1 cup cubed ham
green onions
1.5-2 cups cheese
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper

Most recipes had a layering effect to how they put the mixture in the crock pot. I wanted my ingredients dispersed well so I mixed the eggs, milk, and seasonings, followed that by adding the ham, onion, half the cheese, and hash browns. I dumped it all in the crock pot, which was sprayed with cooking spray, and set it on low overnight (most recipes said 8-10 hours...I would even check after 6). 30 minutes before serving, top with remaining cheese.

It actually cuts similar to an egg bake. Just slice down the middle and then create slices in the opposite direction! Yum!

What am I thankful for today?

I owe you three of these as I have not been on her since Wednesday and even then I didn't put what I was thankful for!

  • I am thankful for the holiday season. It really is merry and bright, as long as you make it that way. Last year during this time I was in a funk because we were moving. It was so stressful and we didn't even get to put up most our decorations. Hopefully I will never have to move over the holidays again but I am thankful that for this year, I am grounded, staying put, and happy as a clam!

  • I am thankful for parents who will call and wake me up in the morning when my husband is out of town. I really suck at getting myself up in the morning and would probably sleep the day away with out them! (ugh, I am a night owl but it is getting more balanced!)

  • I am thankful to have a host of plans this weekend including a friends show tonight, a bachelorette party tomorrow, and taking in the new Twilight movie on Sunday. Looking forward to it all!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lovin me some misto...

I wrote on here a while back that to curb the cost of a coffee drink, I sometimes like to get a misto...half coffee, half steamed milk. And with the holiday season here, you can get egg nog in your misto. Since this is a bit of an unhealthy habit, I just ask for 1/4 of the drink to be egg nog instead of half.

This little number is super tasty and costs about half the price of a latte...around 50 cents more then a cup of coffee.

This got me to thinking though...wouldn't it be great to make this at home but with Holly Nog (light egg nog). Sure I can heat milk on the stove and then add it to my coffee, but there is something wonderful about steamed milk.

Cue wish list!

There are two options at Target.

One is this handy frother that doesn't use steam so it can mix hot and cold drinks.

I love the steam aspect though and don't need to dirty the whole kitchen so maybe something like this would be better. Steam and froth at the same time!

Yeah, Aroma Milk Frother it is! Maybe I'll have to buy this little number soon! Better yet, maybe by Thanksgiving and I could play barista for everyone. Mmmm...pumpkin spice dunkin doughnuts coffee with Holly Nog...I can taste the holiday season already!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maintain, not gain...

I saw this really great motto at the Y. Maintain this season, not gain. I really needed to hear that, and I really took it to heart after gorging on Friendship bread last night! Kory had a party for the Packer/Viking party and there was delicious goodies in excess. I had a hard time saying no. That, and I arrived right from a workout, so I was pretty famished. I will probably see it on the scale Thursday, but I didn't let it get me off track any more then it already did. I woke up this morning, got in an intense am workout, and ate well all day. That is what I want for this holiday season. I want to enjoy it, but I also want to lose, and maintain!

Tonight we had Trader Joe's mandarin orange chicken and rice. It was very delicious! And I made a pot of soup for lunches the rest of the week and I whipped up this yummy little treat!

It was super easy to make and tasty. I had it with some greek yogurt and granola, and I am looking forward to throwing it in some oatmeal! It is amazing all by itself but it is fun to think of little ways to add it to some of my normal treats!

What am I thankful for today?
I am thankful for warm lighting and good shows on tv this dark cold evening. It may be bitter outside, but the warmth inside the house makes it bearable. And because I am feeling extra thankful this evening, I am going to post one more thing I am thankful for. I am thankful for my two wonderful cats. Both Faith and Kea provide so much love and warmth, on top of entertainment! I couldn't imagine life without them!

Respect the Bird

Just a pre-warning to the bird. I am doing some crafts for the holiday season, so I may continue to squeeze them in in order to have enough time to complete them, but I promise, no decorations until after I have fully relished in the meaning and festivity of Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Up Nordt...

I had a great weekend up north visiting my friend Tonya and the bro! It is nice having them in the same area so we can all visit. Mike ends up spending most of the weekend with us so it is pretty nice.

I can't give too many details as we were busy making Christmas gifts but let's just say the weekend included a bit of the following:

  • hanging out in the garage until 2 am letting Mike play DJ, switching between Christmas and Rap music while Tonya and I labor away.

  • shopping and heading out for a break to see the new movie Jack and Jill (it was good, but worth waiting till redbox to watch at home)

  • caramel puff corn

  • wine

  • multiple outfit changes

  • eating French toast both mornings, Saturday with bananas, Sunday stuffed with peanut butter

And as you can tell, with my busy weekend, I didn't take time to really hop on the computer so I will first let you know that I lost 3.2 pounds last week so I took off that weight gain from the previous week and am down a total of 3.9 since I recommitted to WW three weeks ago. And I really believe, it is not about the number, it is about the way I feel, and with my added workouts, I have been feeling healthy and strong. The number just helps keep me on track. If I don't focus on that number, I may slowly increase my food intake and totally negate the workouts and I just want it to all be a good, healthy mix.

And last, I owe a few thankful updates! I missed a total of 4 with today being 5 but I still thought daily about what I am thankful for.

  • I am thankful for work out dvd's that make it easy to sneak in a workout when life is busy and I don't have time to leave the house.

  • I am thankful for Faith and Kea who provide loads of cuddles and really brighten the house. On mornings when we get to sleep in, Faith loves hopping on the bed for some mega cuddle time and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

  • I am thankful to have a job that I enjoy and one that provides for my family.

  • I am thankful for good friends, combined with good laughs and good wine.

  • I am thankful for the Holiday season and while I am getting excited for Christmas, I will thoroughly enjoy Thanksgiving and not put up any Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. I want to relish in each holiday and take in all the family time. Sometimes, it has to last you most the year so I really try and cherish it!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This ain't no cheesy post...

I was going to post a cheesy potato recipe last night, but then I realized I saved my pictures in a weird spot and now the husband has to come to the that may be a few days.

I am however excited for tomorrow's weigh in! I have made the gym my biatch this week and I am hoping for some results, no matter how little! Slow and steady wins the race...that about sums up my whole road to being healthy adventure.

Just to recap, two weeks ago I weighed in down 2.3. Last week, I forgot to weigh in on Thursday, but I hopped on the scale Saturday and was up 1.8. No excuses here. I know what happened. I jetted off to Colorado, didn't eat the best I could, and didn't really get back into my grove once I returned. That's life though, and I will have weeks like that. I don't let the number define me, but I let it guide me. I want it to be my compass towards the best/healthiest decisions as often as it can. And sometimes I will get off track, but at least I know I can find my way back. So here's wishing me luck tomorrow and no matter the number, I know I feel great and I know my body is happy!

What am I thankful for today?

I am thankful to have wonderful parents who love, support, and have guided me in the past. Even as an adult, I look to them for advice. I know that no matter where life takes me, I will always have my family. They have engrained that in me and I am thankful to have the stability that that provides.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A quote on the white board...

I was beat last night. All I wanted to do was relax. And relax I did, after a wonderful fitness yoga class I took after work. Maybe that is what put me in the mood to relax the rest of the night. The last 5 minutes of class, when the lights were off and we were all in our meditative poses, relaxing, I got this big ass grin on my face and felt insanely giddy inside. I was so happy to be in that moment, relaxing after a great workout, and not have anywhere else to be or to be doing. It was bliss!

And while at the gym yesterday, they had a great quote on the bored. "Those who seek rest, find boredom. Those who seek work, find rest." I believe they said Dylan Thompsom said this but I could not find it on line. But, hello! This is exactly what I wrote about yesterday! The YMCA dry erase board read my mind!

After my workout, Chaz and I went out for Mexican and talked about our plans for the holidays. It was a nice little Monday night date! I am looking forward to the week! Should be a good one.

And since I was so tired last night, I did not write a thankful post so today you get two!

What am I thankful for today?

1. I am thankful that last weekend I was able to surprise my Colorado family with an impromptu trip out there. Those memories and the excitement will last me for a while!

2. I am thankful to have a body that allows me to run, jump, walk, skip, stretch, and do most physical activities. I feel empowered and strengthened when I can be active and really put it to good use.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

rekindled motivation...

I truly think that working out is making me more motivated in other areas of my life. I used to skip a workout, and not end up in bed till midnight, feeling stressed and like I didn't accomplish much. Now I am working out, eating healthy, getting my homework done, and hoping into bed fairly early. I have no clue how all of a sudden things seem to be fitting into place but I am going to chalk it up to increased motivation.

Today was a nice relaxing Sunday complete with errands, homework, and a lovely ham dinner. I made some yummy cheesy potatoes that I will share later. For now, I am off to bed, but first...

What am I thankful for today?
Today I am thankful for an extra hour which allowed me to wake up at 11am, and then realize it was only 10 am so I didn't have to feel like such a slough. Waking up feeling positive about yourself is much nicer then the opposite.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

before the day slips away...

It is after midnight, but with daylight savings, I still have an hour to let you know what I am thankful for today!

I am thankful for a wonderful brother who I have an amazing relationship with. We can do just about anything together and have a great time. I know that for the rest of my life, I have this cool dude that I get to call my brother and that no matter what, we will always be there for one another. Thanks for being the best brother Mike. I love you!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Put a ring on it...

It is a crisp, chilly fall day here in the MN. The sun is shinning bright and I can't wait for 5 o'clock. I am ready to start my weekend and relax a bit!

Tonight I am going to throw together a nice little dinner for my man and I. Today marks three years since he asked me to marry him and I love any reason to celebrate so bring on some festivity!

I couldn't ask to be married to a more amazing man. Aside from the fact that he does my laundry and keeps our belongings anally organized, he is the most tender, caring, and loving man I have ever met. He is such a sincere soul and puts me first in every sense of the word. Sure he can be stubborn, and of course he has a few annoying habits (don't we all), but those are so easily over looked when he wraps me in one of his warm embraces. I can easily say he is perfect, perfect for me that is!
Happy Anniversary love!

What am I thankful for today?

I am thankful to have family that I can travel and see the world with. When I was little, my family was always on the go, whether it be swim meets, hockey tournaments, trips to visit family. Some of our best family time was spent in a hotel room, just the 5 of us. And I continue to travel with my in-laws. 3 years ago when my husband purposed, we were on a cruise with most of his family, celebrating his grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. I am so blessed to have these opportunities that allow family to really spend quality time together!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

movin on up...

Yesterday I joined the Y downtown, which is only a few city blocks from my work! I am making an effort to go either before or after work.

I love being back at the Y. I love the nice big locker rooms, the variety of workout equipment, and the pool! The smell of that place reminds me of being on the swim team when I was little. And I have successfully worked out the last two days after work! Gotta keep it up.

I have backed off the running train a bit because of some pain in my feet and knees. I am focusing more on a variety of exercise, along with strength training. Today I did the elliptical machine, making sure to have my arms moving most the time. To make it a good workout, I focus on intervals, remaining intense no matter the level. I keep my intensity up by finding music with a good beat that keeps me consistent. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga is a good one!

What am I thankful for today?

I am thankful to have a friend who motivates me to achieve my goals. Laura, one of my best friends, has lost almost 4 pounds in two weeks but more important then that, she has made working out a priority and that is making her a strong, healthy individual. I love looking up to strong women!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Seeing red...

It's that time of year again! Starbucks has put out their holiday cups! I live the saying this year. Let's Merry! So cute. This certainly does nothing for curbing my expensive habits. The little red cups just draw me in all the much more.

And being yesterday was the first of November, meaning the start of the Thanksgiving holiday. I am going to follow the tradition of some other bloggers and share something I am thankful for everyday. Since I did not get on here yesterday, today you will get two!

1. I am thankful for my faith.

2. I am thankful I get to fall asleep next to my husband, who provides me so much comfort and strength.

Happy November!