Sunday, April 3, 2011

So many colors, so many choices

Sometimes the hardest part of a wedding is picking the colors. Yes, the bride has probably dreamed of this day for a while, but when it comes down to it, you have to pick colors that are seasonally right, colors that will look good, and colors that will essentially match your theme.

It was easy for me to pick my colors. I have always loved very traditional, rich colors, and maroon and gold have always sounded beautiful. Then when I asked the husband what he would want, and those were his exact colors, I knew our fate was sealed.

My other friends have really had to play around though to find their right combo.

Tonya planned her wedding in a few short months and really had to play around to truly find what she wanted. Of course in the end, she chose green with hints of purple and honestly, I would call the colors perfect for her! The wedding was truly reminiscent of her style!

And another of my BFF’s, Laura, was all over the place when picking colors! Her mind changed daily and many of the colors were bold and funky! In the end, she did purple with hints of green (colors like Tonya’s but played out differently!), and I would say that the wedding was very much her style too!

The actually has a great area on their website where you can pick your main color and see what nice pairings would be for that color. They show pictures of the colors being used and it really is helpful for those wanting to see some different color variations. Here are some great ideas for color ideas using orange as the main color.

Seriously, the orange seems to be a very fun, hip color to use! There really are so many combinations and hues out there, it really should be an enjoyable experience and true expression of the couple.

I have a wedding coming up in May and I am already so excited to see some new colors and ideas. It has been a few months since I have been to a wedding!

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