Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taco Spring Chicken a la Tonya!

One of my favorite things, is my husband picking me up on a sunny afternoon from work. There is nothing like seeing the person you love after a stressful or tiring day at work, and often, days are at least tiring. But when I walk outside, the fresh air hits my face, and I see my wonderful husband, everything starts perking up and my day is headed back in the right direction. Even if I have had a great day, there is nothing like seeing him look up and smile over the steering wheel.

I certainly appreciate him picking me up and I am savoring it while it lasts! Once he graduates and finds a job, I will have to find another mode of transportation and I may have to carry his picture around to perk me up as I am leaving work! Alright, well after that bit of day dreaming, I do have another great food idea!

So one of my bff's Tonya messaged Laura and I about a chicken recipe where she puts taco seasoning on the chicken and cooks them up. I was just craving chicken on the grill this beautiful spring day so I headed home, took out my nearly thawed chicken (Emma, one of my other bff's, told us her mom cooks with frozen chicken to keep it moist! point taken!)and rubbed it down with some taco seasoning. We put it out on the grill, served it up with baked potato's, onion and chive sour cream, and a big salad! The perfect spring meal! And I shredded a left over piece of chicken, put it on top of a salad for tomorrow and mixed some ranch and salsa for a little Mexican flare to my salad!

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