Saturday, April 16, 2011

food for thought...

This weekend is another weekend in the rink. Luckily it is cold and snowing outside so being inside is not too terrible. And I have set up my computer in the back so I can use my free time to hop on and do some homework. Since alot of my job is making coffee and keeping the food stocked, I am trying to pretend I am in a coffee shop, just enjoying my Saturday...a girl can dream!

Weight Watchers has been going pretty well, but last week I did gain a pound. Rightfully so as last weekend I was not as strict with my points while working the hockey event, and I had little time for work outs. But you know what, that is life! Some weeks will be good, some will be average, and some will suck. That is why I love Weight Watchers. Just because I gained a pound does not mean it is time to throw in the towel! hell no! I get to pick myself up and continue on my journey!

I am making the goal this week to not dip into my weeklies as Tuesday will be our 9 year dating anniversary and we are going out to dinner! I am also tracking EVERY LITTLE THING I PUT IN MY MOUTH! Yesterday was day one at the hockey event and I passed with flying colors! No little nibbles, no sneaking unneeded calories..if I ate it, I tracked it, and if I needed a snack, I looked for fruit or veggies or peanut butter and other healthy options! Good thing I organize the food so I make sure there are healthy options!

I am excited about this adventure, just as much today as I was at the beginning. I don't obsess over it, I just live it. That is what WW's has taught me in three months! You can eat ANYTHING, you just have to be accountable!

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