Sunday, April 17, 2011

A week to already look forward to...

After a busy weekend, I will be heading into a busy week, but I really could not be more excited! My weekend thus far has been great points wise! I feel like I have held my self accountable and really counted EVERY LITTLE THING! that right there makes me excited for Thursday weigh in!

Tomorrow night I head to get my hair done! I have not had it done since January and my word does it need it! My roots are longer then the Mississippi! And what perfect time to get a new 'do then right before my 9 year dating anniversary with my man! Even though we are married, we can't let go of all that time we put in prior to saying our marriage vows so Tuesday night we will celebrate with good food and a movie. AND, I have had a dress since January just for this special day!

Is it weird that I use so many exclamation marks? I don't know what it is, I just love them! Anyways!

Wednesday will be another big day as my best friend Laura and her husband will move into their very first home! I am beyond excited for my best friend as this is an insanely huge step into adulthood! She is still young at heart but boy is she growing up and making big girl decisions! Good thing one of us is on track! So Wednesday night, they will close, and we will be there ready and waiting with paint brushes in hand. This weekend she has movers coming and then viola! They will have their homestead! I mean, seriously! What an exciting week coming up. Let's just hope my homework stays caught up with me! If it falls behind, I will be very disappointed in it!


Also looking forward to spending some hard core cash from these hockey weekends on Mother's Day gifts, graduation gifts, and anniversary gifts, and housewarming gifts....seriously, bring on the shopping! I love shopping and even more when there is a reason!

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