Thursday, April 21, 2011

it really never goes as planned...

Well my plans for an amazing week were caught a bit off guard. While I had every intention of relishing the bounty of grandness this week held, my immune system was not on board and sabotaged the week with one hell of a cold.

Sunday night once my hockey weekend ended, I took in a 4.5 mile run! I felt on top of the world! I am in love with running right now and I like it even more when it is a good run and I can really push myself. Then I headed to CPK and a movie with my bff Alyssa! Great way to end a busy weekend and I felt relaxed!

But then, it hit!

I woke up Monday morning with a nasty head cold. I decided to stay home from work, and I slept a bit, but my cold pretty much kept me up.

Tuesday I forced myself into work, and after a crap load of medicine, I began to feel better. Since it was on that day 9 years ago that my husband asked me to prom, we decided to still head out and celebrate and I tried my hardest to be upbeat and with it. Instead of dressing up however, we went to dinner in comfy clothes, took in a relaxing movie (Arthur-go see it!), and enjoyed vodka, but with some much needed vitamin C in the form of orange juice! I went to bed and thought I was maybe on the up and up.


Woke up Wednesday to the worst day of the cold yet. I decided to stay home (I can not recollect ever missing two days of work in one week due to illness), and I actually got some sleep! Through this all my husband has been so amazing, taking care of my every need and giving me lots of attention and cuddling. That really is the best medicine. And all of that may have finally paid off as today is Thursday, I am still hacking up a lung, but my throat and head feel soooooo much better! My nose is bright red from blowing it but I will take that over a sore throat and throbbing head any day!

So here's to a better weekend! I have seen Laura and Dave's new house and it is beautiful! I can not wait to see it once she gets all her furniture in it! What a blessing they have been given! I couldn't be more proud/happy/excited for them!

Easter is also on the horizon and after Thursday service tonight, I am excited to take in Sunday morning church service for a renewed outlook (kind of fitting after a sick filled week) and some great family time!

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