Monday, April 25, 2011

i crave the good stuff...

I love reading blogs for two reasons. One, I am a snoopy person and I like seeing how others live their lives. Two, I like seeing how others live their lives while watching what they eat and exercising. And my favorite part of the later is when recipes get posted, especially if they include WW points values!

I have posted some of my favorite recipes on here, but really, there are so many I have not even tried yet! Ah, the future holds so many possibilities! But I am not going to miss out on one of them! I have started a binder specifically for recipes I find online. I copy and paste it into word, include the url of where I got it (I am a stickler for citing my sources), print it off, three whole punch it, bring it home and store it for later! It really is quite ridiculous how much more I am cooking being on WW. I mean, you name it. Cookies, breads, meats, desserts, side dishes. There are endless possibilities and I have only run into one or two things I really did not like.

So with all this cooking and baking of sweets, and treats, and rich decedent dishes, one might ask, how are you not indulging and over doing it? While, that is actually pretty easy! I mean, it is not EASY. Of course I would love to sit down with a big bag of cookies and down them all every once in a while, but that is part of will power! I am still working on that but I have gotten much better over the past few months! Alright, back on track. Reasons I don’t (or try not to) overindulge.

· One, D. Lo has purchased an extra freezer! I freeze everything from cookies to breads to baked spaghetti and what not! Have I showed you my baked spaghetti recipe? I will post it below! But yeah, I freeze everything!

· Two, and quite a nice trick here. Share your treats with other friends trying to watch what they are eating! Nothing like brightening a person’s day with a treat that actually won’t break their bank! Actually, share with all your friends. I bring 2p+ cookies to work and everyone is shocked when I tell them they are WW friendly.

· And the third part of my success is to make treats that really allow you to indulge in a few, not just one! 2p+ cookies allow you to have 2 or 3, or maybe one on top of some light ice cream! I just feel it is important to not deprive myself so rather than banish this food, I just make it easier to enjoy in smaller proportions!

There, so now you have a few tips to help you enjoy some nummy treats without over doing it!

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