Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a little bit of everything...

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the MN. While I was not able to get out during the day to enjoy it, I had the window down on the ride home from work and was greeted by my husband working in the yard when I got home. He loves being outside and doing little projects around the house and it is fun to see him have that opportunity since we live in a house. He didn’t have those opportunities in the apartments we have lived in.

Today is quite the opposite however. It is cold and rainy. For sure a day I could have easily crawled back into bed! I spent last night making some more WW healthy cookies and some cookies to cheer a coworker up who has had a crazy week which is trickling into this week too.

I am getting excited for a relaxing weekend as I have no real plans except to go out Saturday night with my Auggie ladies! We are looking at hotel rooms DT so it could be a wild night!

Tomorrow night we will be heading to our first Twinkies game of the season, as long as it is not rained out and Thursday I am going to a book signing by the author of my favorite blog, www.mattlogelin.com. Super excited for this opportunity! And then, Friday morning will be a grand occasion as I will be completely and utterly focused on my tv watching the Royal Wedding. My mom and I may even head to Brit’s Pub to take in the occasion with an early morning brunch!

I am not sure why I am so obsessed with the Royal Wedding. It could be the little part of me that bleeds red, white, and maple leaf. Yes, of course no one can be Canadian unless they have citizenship there but my dad’s side of the family is Canadian and that has had an influence on my life. We compared my great grandma to the Queen Mum, and I can remember my grandma playing Elton John’s tribute song on the piano, and I even remember being in 8th grade and saying I was going to marry Prince William! None the less, the Royal Wedding is a huge historical event in my mind, and being a history buff, I am excited to watch this piece of history live.

I remember when I was maybe 10 or 11, Princess Diana has just died, and my parents woke us up to watch her funeral. We all crawled into their King size bed and watched from their small bedroom tv. These are memories and occasions I want to be a part of and always remember and this will be an especially great event as it is a joyous historical occasion taking place!

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