Monday, April 4, 2011

day by day

Grey days like today, ones that still have a little nip of chill in the air, I want nothing more than to crawl back under my nice warm covers and just relax. In the summer, when it is warm, I feel more enticed to be active, but not when there is a bite in the air. This morning it was so hard to crawl out from under the covers and emerge from the darkness of my basement bedroom. This may have been due to the grey and dullness peeking in from outdoors, or possibly due to a bad night’s sleep, but whatever it was, I had to force myself to stop yawning while brushing my teeth and washing my face.

I actually do look forward to the varying days of the year. Each day is interesting and appealing in its own way. And my body enjoys a day like today, a day to move a little slower, push off a tedious task one more day, and just pick up a book or watch some tv.

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