Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So I will be honest with you, my dear friends, and by friends I mean family, as most of you are my family. I have not been a very good tracker the last like three weeks. Life got busy, and I got sick, and I would track one day and not the next. Or track in the morning but not at night. I am sure on this journey I will take many little breaks, but I suppose that is part of the adventure. The good news, I kept up a general workout schedule. And I am back in full force!

Yesterday I tracked everything and had a wonderfully delicious day of food! It felt good to be back on track and I made two wonderful recipes that you must try out! One is a 2p+ apple pie cookie and the other is a Chicken tamale bake. And if I have to pick one over the other, pick the Chicken tamale back…I am obsessed with it! In fact, just had it for lunch and reveled over how nummy it is!



My other great find is Blue Diamond Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk…I grabbed the little container that is not refrigerated…it was in the coffee section. Of course you refrigerate once open but one cup is 1p+! And it is so creamy and decedent! ¼ cup is 0 points which is plenty in my coffee! I grabbed vanilla for my coffee and original for cereal! You can get it in the refrigerated section too but that is in bigger sizes. I grabbed the original in the bigger version since I use more on my cereal! I am really loving it! And to go with it I of course brewed some insanely strong coffee and popped in the fridge so in the morning I can make a creamy 0p+ iced coffee! Love it!

So here we go. Another path on my little adventure!


On a sad note, my aunt and her family had to put their sweet dog to sleep this morning. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. It can be so difficult losing a pet, especially when you make them part of your family. Bailey was with them for 15 years and is technically their first born. She will be missed but for sure never forgotten!

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