Monday, February 28, 2011

calling all foodies!

Well, my weight watchers friends, I have been kind of shitty at updating you in regards to my progress! Actually, last week I was so busy, I really did not post at all!

As of last Thursday, I am down 18 pounds total. It feels great! My clothes fit better! I am wearing smaller sizes, and my waist feels smaller which is nice to actually see! This weekend I ran 2.6 miles in preparation for the 5k in two weeks, the 5k I will be doing on my birthday. I also made sure to do the 30 minute shred yesterday as I splurged with some Mexican Saturday night! It was after my run however so let’s call it “refueling”!

I am so motivated to stick with Weight Watchers it is not even funny! I have not lost motivation or faith in this eating adventure. I have splurged a variety of times, including the occasional weekend meal or valentine’s day and such, but I always come back to my tracking, back to my healthy eating, back to my working out. And I have still lost, so that makes me feel fine splurging occasionally! And the great things, those weeklies generally cover my splurges! That is why I love this new weight watchers program! And of course the 0 point fruit and veggies! I did read on a blog however that you should not over do it on the fruit so if you are in a slump, or your weight loss has stalled, make sure you are not going over 5 servings of fruit in a day. If you do, you should start counting it (this is feedback someone received from Weight Watchers directly!).

So without further ado, a few healthy foods I have been enjoying!

Pop Chips 22 chips for 3p+ (love the large serving)
Light Vanilla been ice cream with light chocolate sauce and strawberries 4p+
Plain instant oatmeal, 4 tbsp. skim milk, 1 tbsp brown sugar 4p+
Sugar Free Fudge pops 1p+
Dairy Queen Fudge Bar 1p+
WW Amaretto Cheesecake Yogurt with grapes 2p+
WW English Muffin and Simply Fruit jelly 4p+
Coffee with fat free creamer 0p+
Diet Hot chocolate made with water 1p+
Diet hot chocolate made with 1 cup skim milk 3p+
Hot chocolate made with 1 cup skim milk and 1 tablespoon light Hershey's syrup 3p+

If you are looking for more recipes, check out some of my links on facebook and the blogs on my blog roll! I am becoming addicted to food blogs and especially those based on WW and Healthy eating!

And this weekend, during my run, I was watching the food network! Ina Garten showed the perfect way to make a baked potato! Thought I would share as this is a great food with loads of potential in regards to dressing up.

Wash potatoes and dry thoroughly. If they are dry going in, this ensures a crispier skin. Do not poke holes with a fork or knife. Place directly on rack for 45-50 minutes! To test if they are done, simply insert knife into center of potato. Slit down the middle, add salt and pepper, and start adding your fav toppings!

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