Monday, February 7, 2011

puts me in the mood...

Do you ever get those spurts where it’s like, “Ok, this shit’s got to get done?” Whenever I get into those moods, there are little steps I take to prepare myself for the upcoming tasks. If I am at work, I grab a soda, or a cup of tea, put on the head phones and get plugging away! Or if I am home, and I want to get stuff cleaned, I turn on the tv or music, grab some water, and get moving. As stuff starts to get going, the results motivate me to continue on, but I always need to prepare my mind just to get the task started. Same goes for homework…turn tv on low or some calming music, grab some coffee and open my book. When I need to exercise, looking at a magazine or putting on my shoes totally gets me in the mood.

Do you have things you do to get yourself going? It is interesting to really step back and take note of how you prepare yourself!

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