Monday, February 21, 2011

blah BLAH blah...

This week I am planning on getting back on track by including more 0p+ food back into my diet. I have to remember to always keep the fruit and veggies stalked so when I need to snack, there is a 0p+ option. And I am a night snacker, so not saving any points for those late night treats does not benefit me. Here is to a week filled with 0p+ snacks throughout the day and ice cream after dinner!

I am also about 3 weeks away from my second 5k. I am so excited that this 5k falls on the birthday, is St. patty’s day themed, and I am doing it with my mom and 2 of my weight watchers buddies, Laura and Tonya, and LeeAnn! I ran Lake Calhoun on Saturday…it was tough running outside. I vowed that I would only run outside prior to the race. Then the snow hit. So back inside I go. But I am determined to run my butt off this week on the treadmill and when I have the opportunity to test the outdoor “waters” again, I will do so! I am nervous to transition from running inside to outside as I am one of those people that SOOOOO notices a difference. Once I have been training inside, outside feels like running up a canyon, and vice versa.

And after the shitty week we had last week, I am looking forward to this week being better! Last week was a pile and mash up of stress, and money issues, and sadness, and more stress, and homework, and work, and school, and some additional stress, and car problems, and bills, and fricken craziness. But, we get back to the basics, we work our way back up, and we realize how blessed we really are and that others out there are in a worse situation.

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