Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busy Busy Busy Time (sung to Will Smith's Summer Summer Summer time)

Well hello there...It has been a pretty busy time here at the Durgin household. This past weekend I kicked Mr. Chaz out to go play with his friends in St. Cloud while I hung out with my friends and the guest of honor, Emma! She is back from Africa and it was the first time we have seen her since June! It was a blast being together again and we really hung out just like we would have during college (a.k.a. eating, sleeping, drinking, putting on makeup, drinking, making frozen pizza in the wee hours of the morning, drinking, waking up early cause who sleeps after drinking, laying on the couch watching mindless tv, and toenail painting).

But last Thursday I made a no no that started a train wreak of events...those events led me to this:


Last Thursday for lunch I decided to get a burrito bowl from Chipolte...my recovering foot got the best of me and I let myself self-loath and self-medicate (and duh I am blaming this on my toe! Why not use a crutch when I have one). Needless to say this led to a vicious cycle of bad eating for four days straight. And the crazy part, I felt like shit. I was full and sick and not really upbeat. I was on a sugary, creamy downward spiral and I knew it had to stop! So Sunday night I realized that never ever ever ever ever again do I not want to keep track of my points. I can eat whatever I want, as long as I own up to it. And the reality is, none of the food I ate was worth being sick and feeling sluggish.

That being said, I only gained .5 pounds so I am still down 11 pounds. that needs to be my motivation to continue on. I also took some photos and am pretty proud of the changes I am already seeing. These will also be motivation to stay strong and stick this out!

This picture is a bit funny looking but the other day Chaz pointed out that my arms were looking thinner. I had not realized this but once he pointed it out, I do see a difference!

And here is a full frontal view (lol)...love saying full frontal!
So this new shape that is beginning to form is of course due to the food I am putting in my mouth but I am making sure to also change up my workout. I go to the gym and while there I run or do the elliptical, but I have realized that I get better stretches and strength training through dvds. they provide instruction that I just can't get at the gym.
And last, I told you about my Nike Free Ones earlier. While here they are in all there glory! I fricken love these shoes!
So next weekend we are having another girls weekend. there will be crazy partying, tons of food and of course alcohol, but I am looking more forward to the challenge of maintaining my eating habits way more then I am looking forward to the junk food! I will focus on my friends and being surrounded by them and while doing so, maybe I will just munch on some carrots!

*Would like to thank my wonderful husband for A. going to St. Cloud, and B. Always saying supportive things that make me melt and feel proud of myself.
*Would also lie to thank Michael for the pic of my new Nike Free Runs...love him and love these shoes!

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Brittney Christy said...

Way to keep yourself motivated with an awesome treat (the sweet shoes) and the great variety of workout videos. I think there's no one way for a person to be healthy and it makes me nuts when everyone jumps on the band wagon without assessing what will actually work for them.

You mentioning Chipotle made my mouth water. Ever tried a bowl without the meat or dairy? Only about 450 calories and that's not too bad. Check out: http://www.chipotlefan.com/index.php?id=nutrition_calculator if you haven't already.

Don't worry about the four day bender. If you leave it behind and move forward with a good attitude, you'll still meet your goals. You are beautiful just the way you are. Anything more is just gravy.