Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A day of love...and pondering

Valentine’s day was a great day in the Durgin household!

I got home and we all exchanged little Valentine’s Day gifts!

Then the man and I got all dolled up and headed out to Redstone!

We dined on Lobster Bisque and Calamari and I had Rotisserie chicken while he had prime rib! Then we finished of the night with some chocolate cake!

We talked about our past Valentine’s Days, we talked about the future. We talked about our dreams and goals and ambitions and where we see ourselves in the future. I used to be a person who settled easily. I used to dream about stability, and money, and comfort. Now, I want adventure. I don’t want to turn 60 with my retirement all nestled away and realize I have sat in front of a computer my whole life. Don’t get me wrong, this girl always has and always will have a retirement account and a savings account. I can’t just drop all my sanity from the bucket! And maybe I have to spend ¾ of my career at a desk with a computer, but I will have fun and seek adventure and really push the envelope with all my other time. I am lucky right now to work for a company that has a boat load of opportunity. It is so multifaceted that it really dabbles in a bit of everything. And on top of that, I get so much reward and satisfaction from being in school. I love knowing that I am learning more and increasing my knowledge and soon, I will have another degree under my belt! Stuff like this excites me! But when I come to the age of 60 or 70, I want to say I traveled the world, I painted the mountains while I sat in front of them, and took photos of other countries, I knit blankets and scarves for those in need. and I raised a worldly family with all the love and support I received.

So yeah, it was a great Valentine’s Day...lots of good conversation and good food! Oh yeah, and love!

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