Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

So today it is valentine’s day! And we had birthday treats at work. One girl brought little cake balls and Cheetos. I had a cake ball and some Cheetos. Thought I would treat myself since it is V-day. I felt sick 5 minutes later. What I need to learn is, yes, these things are good, but my body doesn’t like them that much anymore. Especially not in large doses. I get an instant sugar high stomach ache and feel like poo…I wonder if I will ever learn my lesson. I did follow it up with water and green tea so hopefully my body liked that!

I did find a great, satisfying iced coffee drink. A blog I just recently found,, showcases what the author calls a dirty latte. A large iced latte with a shot of mocha for 4pp. the large iced latte being 3 pts and the mocha being 1. Since mocha’s are expensive, I decided to get an iced coffee for 0 pp, add one shot of mocha for 1pp, and top off with ¼ cup milk for 1pp. A two points, much cheaper, yet super satisfying version. If your coffee shop has a sugar free syrup you like, get that and minus 1 point! I like to ask for a medium iced coffee in a large cup so there is room to add the amount of milk I like! And with skim milk, why not!?!

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