Tuesday, February 8, 2011

wedding traditions...

Ever notice how, come late winter, early spring, everyone and their mother is getting engaged. Seriously, this time of year is all a buzz with engagement news. Granted the Holiday of love is right around the corner, and the abundance of ring ads and commercials probably encourages those “less motivated” men to get out and just get it over with. And yes, there are those sentimental men who have put a lot of time and effort into their proposal and “now” just feels like the right time. No matter the reason, everyone is getting engaged. So with all these recent engagements taking place, I thought I would throw some more fun ideas out there! And this post is not going to focus on the bride or groom, but rather the attendants.

Some may think TheKnot.com is just for brides but it actually has loads of tips for the family, attendants, and guests. Just a host of wedding information right at your fingertips! I for sure suggest keeping this website handy if you know anyone that is even hinting wedding! I would also suggest The Knot’s book of Lists for any bride! This book is amazing and I often gift it to newly engaged friends…my mother-in-law gave it to me and I just couldn't keep the tips to myself! So far I have bought three for people I know who have taken the plunge!

My advice for the wedding party however is simple, easy, and makes the bride or groom’s life a little bit easier during this time of stress. If you are hosting any party or event for the couple, have each guest fill out the envelope of a thank you card. Once the party is over, give the bride, groom, or both the envelopes along with the cards so all they have to do is write in the card, lick it, stamp it, and put it in the mail. This also works great for baby showers, retirement parties, birthday parties, you name it!

You can consider this your gift to the couple, by maybe providing stamps and once the party is over, tie them up with some raffia or a cute bow and pass them off! Believe me, this will be a gift they will truly appreciate and remember!

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