Wednesday, February 9, 2011

on and on and on and on...

There is a list of stuff that I need to do, someday, but the tasks are just so easy to push out day after day after day.

For instance, my wedding dress. Every time we run across it, Chaz says to take it in to get it cleaned and boxed up so it doesn’t yellow. I tell him, no worries, it is already ivory. Still, I know it needs to be done. I just don’t have time! Then in the next sentence, he will say he can’t wait till I wear it again for our vow renewal. Since we have had “my” style of wedding, someday, probably in 5 years, we will do a beach renewal “his” way! Very exciting, but how is that to motivate me to box this big baby up, just to take it back out in 3-4 years. Oh the dilemma!

Then there is the storage room/man cave. This is an area of my grandma’s basement that is unfinished so we store boxes in there. Since we moved in rather quickly, this area is still unorganized, a few boxes need to be unpacked, and Chaz’s “man cave” still needs to be finished. But there for sure are not enough hours in the day to tackle this little project!

And there is that blanket I am working on. Sometimes I get in the mood to work on it, and other times, homework, and working out, and life in general take precedence. It will get done someday, but not today.

And I go online often to see how much tickets are to fly to Colorado. I need to make a trip out there to visit my family but there is always some excuse to not fork over the money. I need to for sure make this a priority!

There are the clothes and items I have been wanting to Tye seems to be a project in itself to find time for Chaz and I to set aside time to do it...maybe within the next month, eh?

I could probably keep going, but I will keep this list short. Maybe then I can use it as a honey do list! Once I complete these, I will throw some more out there...who knows. I just may be motivated to get some of this business done now!

Happy Hump Day!

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