Sunday, February 27, 2011


The month of love it coming to an end. I would repeat my “where does time go post”, but I would hate to bore you all.

Instead, I will take this time to tell you about the time my husband lost his wedding ring. Be it lack of love, the need for freedom, or just plain boredom, we will never know. One can only hope that he truly did not realize the ring had fallen off, but again, we will never know. I AM JUST KIDDING!

So the story starts about two weeks back. Chaz had mentioned that his ring was getting lose and told me he was walking down the hallway at school and the ring slipped off. Obviously with hard floors he easily heard it and found it but I told him that he needed to get it re-sized or stop wearing it. Cut to last Monday. Chaz called me panicking, with a hint of hyperventilation, stating that his ring had fallen off and he could not find it. At first I was shocked, but then I moved into: “Where did you last see it?” “Feel it?” “Where have you been today?” “When did you last have it on?” “What color are your underwear?” “Did you bring in the cat urinary sample (another story)?” “Did you look for it?” “Did Julian help you look?” “Did you take it off at home?” “Ok, stay calm….we will find it.” All while telling myself, “How are we ever going to find this ring!!!!”

Chaz has a methodical mind and he had already calculated that the only place it could be was the McDonald’s parking lot where he had helped Julian change his battery. I was skeptical as they had already stripped search the parking lot but with the crazy snow fall, I was sure we would not find it. Then one of us had a light bulb: Let’s get a metal detector. I searched online, found a number, then remembered that Michael’s friend had a metal detector. Called Mikey, his friend said it was a go, mom and Mikey hoped in the car to come help us. SCORE! But I was still worried we would never find it.

We pulled up to the McDonald’s, which was bustling with the dinner crowd rush, and headed to where Julian’s car had been parked. SHIT! They had plowed. Now is about when I had lost all hope. Mike and mom pulled up while Chaz went inside to let the manager know what we were doing. Mikey started swinging the metal detector back and forth, informing us of how stupid he must look. Any little beep I was on the ground pawing through snow. Then there was a louder beep. I pulled a pile down and separated every little piece of snow. Mikey had moved on to another area when I saw just a glimmer of metal in the snow. I picked it up, shocked, got up and started running towards the McDonalds where Chaz was. I had to double check to make sure I actually had a ring along the way ( I was seriously in shock), and just as I was getting close he walked out and I started screaming I found it! Flash forward *screaming, jumping, excitement*. What a relief to have found that little, meaningful, handcrafted ring amidst a winter wonderland of snow.

Ring is now safely in a jewelry box awaiting it's trip to the jeweler! Thank you to everyone who prayed and wished us luck! It sure payed off!

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