Monday, January 10, 2011

for us...

At the end of this month, Chaz and I made a move for us. We decided to move in with my grandma. Yes, to help her out, but additionally, and more importantly for our future, to help us out. With Chaz in school, we have spent the last two years living a life filled with fun and spending, but also a life that has been a bit tight money wise. And I am sure we will always be tight on money, who isn't? but we have taken the matter into our own hands and made a smart move financially.

And now what comes out of this move other then security for both us and D.Lo? We can really focus on school, both of us. I am working on my Masters and Chaz is working on his degree in Graphic Design. And since we have the time, and we have moved in with my grandma, he can now stay in school an extra semester to get an additional certificate. Don't ask me to explain all this'll have to ask him to clarify what everything is "officially" called! Whatever it is called, we both feel great right now. Very refreshed, very new, and clear headed, at least for now! And I can focus on my classes too as this shit is getting really hard! Wish us luck!

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