Wednesday, January 5, 2011

dog days of winter...

Uh, I hate being sick. I always get that cabin fever feeling where all I want is to be out and about in the real world feeling perky and happy.

So Monday, I slept till 2 pm, got up, had D. lo make me oatmeal, ate that and some toast, and sat on the couch. And then when my head got heavy and started throbbing, I would try laying down but then my back hurt. So then I went downstairs, tried to lay down, watch tv, but force myself to not sleep as I wanted to be able to sleep at night. When evening arrived, I went upstairs, made some cereal and toast for dinner, went downstairs and texted my husband to grab me a fruit smoothie at McDonald’s…at last, something to look forward to! And when he arrived around 7pm, I realized I was way more excited to see him, to see another human being, then the smoothie he brought me. As soon as he got home, I perked up and felt instantly better, even though my head was throbbing and I had little to no energy. I followed him around like a sick puppy, only I was a sick girl. So needless to say, no matter how annoying men can be, they are actually pretty great!

Outside of how great my husband is, I decided I needed some fresh air at like 9:30 and asked if he wanted to go out for a bit. The Target near us is open till 11pm and that sounded like just the adventure I needed! As soon as we walked in, Chaz remarked that the bright lights no doubt should add some vitamin D to my system! Oh I am almost positive they do!

So we walked around Target, picked up random crap we probably did not need and could not afford, but had a boat load of fun doing so. Then we headed to Wendy’s as the boy was having some late night hunger. I of course had no issues with that as I could go for another liquid supper, this time in the form of a frosty…(mind you, 1 small frosty is 9 POINTS! Jeepers! And one small McDonalds smoothie is like 8!). Anyways, late night supper’s downed, we headed across the street to put gas in the car. Gas in, and oh, look, the car won’t start. No shit! This is where I am almost positive God knew I needed some additional fresh air, and since I did not know how to "pop the clutch", I assured my worried husband that I was fully capable of pushing the car so he could "pop the clutch". Running start and !BOOM! no popped clutch. But now we are back in the Wendy's parking lot so after like 15 minutes of trying to stop cars filled with individuals who also had some late night hunger, we finally caught the attention of the people in the drive through window. Then ensued loud yelling across the parking lot.

"You need what?"

"Jumper cables!"

Then of course, as God wanted, 15 late night snackers decided to come through the drive through. 10 minutes later said individual popped their head out of the drive through window.

"Ok, so you need what?"

"Someone with jumper cables and a car?"

"Oh, let me see if anyone has any."

"Oh great! Glad it took that long to figure that out."

Alas, said individual arrives, with drive through headphones still on, to help Chaz jump our car! Thank yous exchanged, we finished up our adventure and I headed right to bed as soon as we entered the door. I think next time I will think twice about what I wish for! Nah, it was just too good of an experience!

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