Sunday, January 23, 2011

grab bag...

this post will be a theme. nothing specific to talk about. just a random smattering of information.

My first random point focuses on the brand new running shoes I got on Saturday! I have heard so many wonderful things about the Nike Free Runs that I had to try a pair on for myself! I searched far, wide, AND high for a place that had my size (11.5). Alas, I found the Albertville Outlet Mall which just received a shipment of the Lance Armstrong Livestrong Nike Free Runs. I was looking more for a pink or a teal, but whatever. It is the amazingness of the shoe I need to focus on. So, we get in the car and head to the northwestern tundra that is Albertville. I arrive at Nike and slip on the foot glove that is the Nike Free Run and POOF! I don't give a shit if these are grey and fluorescent yellow! they are amazing and they are mine! So I got them! At a discounted retail only an Outlet Mall can provide, and I came right home and took them to the gym! SIMPLY WONDERFUL! I am kind of obsessed with them! And they came at the perfect time! Why you may ask? Well, let's dig into random point number 2!

Tomorrow I am getting my other ingrown toenail out. Last spring I had the one on my left foot, and it has changed my left foot's life. And after a recent flair up of my right foot, I decided I am done putting up with this painful sore that plague's my big toes! So tomorrow, I am getting my right foot ingrown toenail out.

Call me stupid for doing this in the middle of winter! Call me fricken insane if you must! But I have my motives! I am running that 5k on March 12th and I don't want an ingrown toenail to stand in my way! Therefore, I have decided to get it done, and additionally, get it done with enough time to heal and allow me to train for the 5k. Of course, this ties into point one as I have been running my ass off to prepare for a week or so with no running! So now, I am up to 1.5 miles of wonderful running! It is finally getting easy and I can just hop on the treadmill and punch out a mile with little or not thought!

My third random point is that I am down 11.5 pounds on the WW program! I am not looking to score big losses, but it is so exciting to just continue with a steady weight loss. I may gain one week, stay the same or lose, but the point is that I am on a plan that is teaching me portion control and what is healthy to eat and I like that!

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