Monday, January 17, 2011

flyin' by...

We are in the depths of January. I have started class, Chaz has started class. Between eating, working, sleeping, working out, doing homework, the days just fly by. Pretty soon it will be spring then summer, and before we know it, Christmas will once again be upon us. As I have gotten older, the days have moved quicker. As a child, days took months and months took years, and a year seemed like an eternity. And now, the beginning of each month arrives, and I say, as any grown person does, “Wow, where did last month go?” or “Did we even experience summer? Where did it go?” But right now, I find myself super excited every time I see winter items on sale, or when it is 5:15pm and there is still a glimmer of light outside. I am not wishing this winter away, as no time should be wished away, and if I wish one season away, they will all continue to fly by. I just may not be enjoying winter as much as I would enjoy the sun and fresh smells of spring.

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