Wednesday, January 26, 2011

FoOd FoR tHoUgHt...

So my bum toe has halted my working out. But I am still eating well, and tracking my points, but I do not expect Sunday to post good numbers. But I know I will not blow it, and that is what really matter.

I am proud of what I have learned from this diet. I look back at my old eating habits and just know I was off my rocker. Even then I thought I ate decent, and generally, I will give myself credit for the fact that I ate semi-decent food, but I ate way too much and was starting to let fried foods and thick hearty dishes creep into my diet more and more frequently. Whereas I never even really liked French fries in the past, I was certainly indulging in them on Thursdays at Bingo. And I was eating Culvers and Dairy Queen and even McDonalds was becoming an ok food in my book. I repeat, there is nothing good about McDonald’s except their Diet Coke, ice cream, and maybe the occasional hamburger or small fries. Everything else, write it off as non-existent. It is just crap food.

Now now, put your torches down. I am not a food hater, in fact I am a major food lover, I have just learned that when I want to splurge and use my points, I am going to pick something REAL, nummy, and decadent, and really enjoy it. And on top of that, I have treats every day. Light ice cream, Weight Watchers Mini Candy bars, a whole host of nummy foods. I just know that personally, I am making wiser decisions about what I put in my body. And I feel way better splurging on All-Natural Honey Bunny Grahams, and Edy’s Double Churned cappuccino ice cream with a drizzle of light chocolate sauce, then I ever would downing a Big Mac, or double cheeseburger, or even a brownie sundae.

So with that, I will leave those interested with some yummy little food tips!

· Tacos are a great meal! Hard shells are 3 pts for 2. Add tomatoes and lettuce for 0pts. Taco seasoned hamburger for 3-5 pts. ¼ cup light Mexican Shredded cheese for 2 pts. 1 tablespoon light sour cream for 1 point. Fat Free Refried beans, 2 pts for ½ cup (I found a non-Fat Free that was still only two points!). Old El Paso Ready Spanish Rice (90 seconds in microwave) 2.5 pts for half a cup. A total of 15.5 points for this decedent meal! I actually leave out the beans for a 13.5 pt meal.
· Weight Watchers sells nummy mini candy bars which are 2 pts each! Chocolate Pretzel Blast is awesome!
· Edy’s Light Double Churned Cappuccino ice cream 3pts. 2 tablespoons Light Hershey’s Chocolate sauce. NUMMY!
· Baked Doritos are a great snack! 3 pts for 15 chips
· Salsa is generally 0 pts. Put on top eggs, baked tortilla chips, even meat!

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