Thursday, January 27, 2011

being cool...

I find that donating money to different organizations and charities makes me feel good and fulfilled. Sometimes I give my charitable donations to the church, but more often I like to pick a charity I feel is doing good work, driving change, and then I send a little money there way. Even if I am low on funds myself, my spirits are always lifted. Even if the donation is a simple $5.

Obviously I have stated before that I love reading Matt Logelin’s blog. He lost his wife the day after his child was born and has since started a foundation to help widows and their families. I love donating to the Liz Logelin Foundation as Matt and his team of peeps are always updating people on where the money is going. That and he is a native Minnesotan! And he does not use the money for himself. He has been blessed and felt compelled to pay it forward with the donations he was receiving. Check him out at

I also get pleasure from donating to mother nature. There are some great organizations in place to ensure that we don’t deplete all our natural resources and that ensure my children may have a chance at canoeing the Boundary Waters.

And you do not have to give money in order to do good! No sir! There are plenty of options where you can volunteer your time or services. Reading at a local school is one of my personal favorites. it is fun to get out, work with kids, and additionally, read some fun books! If you are a knitter, many Michael’s stores collect knitted squares that they use to make quilts for those who need them. Local churches are also a great place to go to donate fabrics or knitted squares. If you are in a cold weather climate, make some scarves and drop them off at your local close drive. In fact, clean out your closet and bring clothes you don’t wear too! Bring your old books to a local school’s library or City Library. The options really are endless!

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