Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You can call me obsessed with the Kardashians...

Last night with my bum foot, I was able to catch up on some tv that I have missed over the past week. I was most pumped about the season premiere of Kim and Kourntey take New York! I am obsessed with everything Kardashian. I love watching their shows and seeing all their drama unfold. They never cease to entertain me, and on top of that, they actually have a pretty strong family unit and bond…very interesting to watch.

Any hoo, my BFF Laura and I were e-mailing today about how much we love the Kardashians…here is what ensued.

Laura: I love teen mom!! yay!! biggest loser too! yay! Kadara Kardashian??

Adara: I love Kadara! You are so Klaura!

Laura: lol just call me Kaura.. like Kora.. Kaura Kardashian Kruschke.... my son will be Mason Dash Kruschke.. my dog will be Lamar O-dog. yayyy!

Adara: I will keep Kadara (spoken with a middle eastern accent, preferably Persian…pronounced Kah-duh-ruh). I can’t even compete with all your K’s so my name will have to be Kadara Durgin Kardashian Jenner!

You can call my husband Chaz Fosdick Disick, my son will be named Brody Jenner Kardashian, and my American hairless terrier will be named Kris Jennie-O Turkey Balls! I will have a show called Kadara Kardashian: The long lost sister who has now inherited the Kardashian Family Trust!

Yep, pretty much, we rock!

P.S. If you do not watch the Kardashians or have never even heard of them, then this is all lost on you, and for that, I apologize!

P.P.S. If you do not watch the Kardashian’s, you should start. Sunday night on E! Just do it!

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