Saturday, January 1, 2011

bullet points...

I am the biggest fan of lists. In high school and college I created lists daily; during class, during work, and sometimes right before bed. As I have gotten older, the number of lists I create has decreased. I have a list I keep at work (generally) and sometimes I keep one at home. I like writing things done so that I can remember them, reflect on them, and be reminded of them. With the amount of things I forget, I could probably benefit from a few more lists but for now I will just leave you with my:

Ringing in 2011 (List)!
  1. Continue on my "adventure"
  2. Run a 5k
  3. go to church more often
  4. carry a purse that weighs at least half of what I am carrying right now
  5. Travel to see family
  6. Travel to see the world
  7. Figure out my student loans
  8. pick up after myself
  9. make time for myself
  10. continue doing well in school
  11. eat more green beans
  12. eat more chocolate
  13. pack less bags when I travel
  14. plan out my clothes the night before
  15. only press the snooze once, not 10 times
  16. learn new recipes
  17. play cards with my grandma
  18. go for walks with my husband (we used to do this often)
  19. read more books
  20. take a dance class
  21. go "out" dancing more
  22. buy more shoes
  23. decorate for every holiday
  24. be outside more
  25. love up on my cute husband!

Happy 2011! Here is to a wonderful and bright new year!

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