Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I generally keep an upbeat and positive attitude, even in the face of downers and negativity. I think that also comes across in my blog. It is more upbeat, and bright, but that does not mean that I live a life with no hardships. In fact, I deal with a crap load of crap, but I have learned over the course of my quarter century here on earth that you just have to push through and create your own destiny. Easier said than done, I realize, but I do think it is worth fighting for.

When the man and I moved in and got married, we had both been recently laid off. Despite this fact, we totally enjoyed the process of moving in together and really relished the time we had. Of course I needed a few weeks to get used to living with a boy, but it didn’t take long to fall into a routine.

I soon after received a job offer, and we decided that Chaz would go back to school. And from then on out, it just all seemed too perfect. We would go for walks in the evening, try out different restaurants in the area, putz around our 500 square foot apartment. It was even exciting that Chaz found something to study that he truly enjoyed!

Now life is not meant to remain at a constant perfect. There are too many variables and you just have to jump on and go with the flow. We are kind of in a rut right now. Chaz is about to graduate and has been looking for a job since last October with little movement. He did get a part time gig delivering newspapers but hardly enough of a challenge or way of support. It is really difficult, on both of us, but honestly, it really has been a downer for Chaz. He is not himself with all the worrying and stress, and rightfully so. I hope and pray that something moves in a positive direction. I continue to remain upbeat and positive but it can be hard to do that all the time, and let’s be real, that can sometimes get annoying for the other individual!

So keep us in your thoughts. We are so lucky to have each other and our supportive family and friends...we really could not ask for more...well, maybe a job for Chaz!

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