Sunday, May 22, 2011

a RoYaL eVeNt...

A few weeks ago, a big historical event occurred. The Prince of Wales, married his longtime girlfriend, and the world watched as they exchanged vows and promised to love each other till death do them part.

For this event, I took it to the extreme, and I did so for a few reasons.

The first is, I have Canadian family who love and adore the royal family. Like I have said, we called my great grandma the Queen Mum, and when Princess Diana passed, my parents had us up at 4 am to watch the funeral. They have just always been a part of my upbringing.

The second reason is kind of a why not. With our world so full of negative news, fighting and wars, why not wake up and focus on a piece of history that is exciting, fun, and downright wonderful. How magical for the world to see two people profess their love, create a foundation for their family, and do so with grace, elegance, fashion, and just the smallest hint of normality.

My mother and I got home the night prior to the wedding and assemble gaudy hats at the table with the D. Lo. It was fun sitting at the dining room table, 3 generations, creating outrageous hates to adorn the following morning.

We went straight to bed as out morning included being to Brit’s Pub in Minneapolis by 4:30…just in time for the 5:00 am nuptials! Of course my mom thought there was no need to get there right at 4 when the doors opened….boy was she wrong!

The two story, large restaurant with banquet rooms and all, was packed to the brim!

We luckily found two empty chairs in front of a large tv, found a cup of coffee to share, and were seated in just enough time!

As Kate Middleton left the hotel she was staying at with her father, the whole restaurant fell silent. You could seriously hear a pin drop. And if you were the one to drop the pin, you were certainly going to be shushed!

The wedding was beautiful and so much fun to watch. Prince Harry was a hoot and I really felt the Royal couple tried to make their wedding as intamite as possible, sneaking in little gestures of their non-royal lives.

After the wedding ended and the craziness subsided, we finally decided to have the brunch that the Pub was hosting. It was delicious and the perfect ending to an early morning wedding! That and of course the special brew of Crispin made just for the occassion! MMM...nothing like a cup of coffee and a pear cider!

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