Saturday, May 28, 2011

A delightful week...

This week was grand to say the least.

Tuesday I met my bff Laura for dinner at Panera followed by a work out. We hadn't seen each other for about two weeks and we had so much to talk about! We worked out during the Biggest Loser finale which helped me log a 1.5 hour workout! Much needed since I am looking to shed what I call the "Reno lbs"!

Wednesday I headed out to Buffalo to mow my parents yard. I got to take in some great weather, wonderful smells, and a delightful evening in the yard with our family dogs. Michael even talked me into a midnight showing of Hangover II...I have seen better. Example: Hangover I.

Thursday was Mexican food date night which my brother Mike and D. Lo shared in on and I hit the sack soon after, around 8:30 pm....It felt so good to get a full night of sleep!

Last night LeeAnn came over and we had a wonderful summer BBQ, watched some movies, and hit up the thrift store today for some great finds! I am soon off to the Twins game with the D. Lo. Just having a quick snack of blueberry brown sugar banana nut muffins...I will share this bomb recipe tomorrow!

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